AlivEL100 – Does AlivEL100 Work?

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Cheryl Powers

AlivEL100 Overview

AlivEL100 is a product that appears to be targeted at men in their middle age and older. It claims to be able to support energy, reduce body fat and improve sexual performance, simply by supporting the production of the male hormone testosterone, a hormone which decreases significantly with age. The makers of AlivEL100, Newport Nutritionals, have produced the patented formula based on clinical research that is documented on the official AlivEL100 website, which is well-designed and consumer-friendly. Although there are no customer testimonials available, there are endorsements and statements from several medical professionals plus diagrams showing exactly how the product works.

AlivEL100 is available for a 30 day risk free trial and can also be ordered from the site at a cost of $39.99 for a one month supply. Members of the auto-shipping program are entitled to a significantly discounted cost of $29.99.

AlivEL100Product Description


Information for the product formula is limited but it appears that the only ingredient is Eurycoma Longifolia, otherwise known as Tongkat Ali. This substance has the ability to decrease the stress hormone Cortisol which is responsible for the support of body fat (especially belly fat). It also supports testosterone levels safely, without causing the side effects that some Drug can.

Good About AlivEL100

  • The formula is patented
  • The website features medical endorsements
  • There is a 30-day risk free guarantee
  • Clinical studies are published
  • AlivEL100 does not cause side effects
  • The product is all-natural

Bad About AlivEL100

  • It does not contain L-Arginine to support Nitric Oxide
  • Customer testimonials are not shown
  • There is no FAQ section
  • Customers must enrol in the auto-ship program for discounts
  • No dosage instructions are provided

AlivEL100the Bottom Line

AlivEL100 is probably not the best choice for men who need to treat Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation. However, it has been proven to raise testosterone levels which will certainly help an older man feel energized and may be able to improve his sexual performance.

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