Allurex – Does Allurex Work?

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Allurex Overview

Allurex is a sexual enhancement supplement that claims to be all natural and immediately effective. The long-lasting formula is said to cause harder erections, supported sensation, heightened sexual appetite, and more intense orgasms. Unlike many of its competitors, Allurex is marketed toward both men and women. It appears to be manufactured or distributed by Westport Group, Inc., a company based in Nevada.

Allurex Product Details


The makers of Allurex claim that they were the first on the scene with their sexual enhancement formula, which was released in 1998 after almost 20 years of development. The current formula is designed to stimulate fire and passion to form more intense sexual encounters for both sexes. In fact, Allurex purports to reconstruct the emotions and enjoyment of adolescent love. Men are promised firmer and effortless erections that can be maintained for longer. Women are promised supported lubrication. Both sexes are promised heightened sex drives and greater lasting power.

The Allurex formula consists of Huanarpo Macho bark powder, Catuaba bark extract, Chuchuhuasi bark powder, Evodia root extract, Tongkatali root extract, and Maca root extract. Huanarpo Macho Bark powder, or Jatropha macrantha by its scientific name, has been used in Peru to support sexual appetite. Catuaba bark extract, or Trichilia catigua, is a famous Brazilian aphrodisiac that is said to heighten sexual thoughts, dreams, and desire while achieving a calming effect. Chuchuhuasi bark, or Maytenus macrocarpa, is a well known ‘jungle remedy’ from South America that has muscle relaxing powers. Rutaecarpine root extract, or Evodia rutaecarpa, is sourced from an Asian tree of the same name and has been used for millennia as a natural dilator. Long Jack Root, or Tongkat ali, is a Malaysian herbal extract that combats fatigue and bolsters male hormone equilibrium. Maca root, or Lepidium meyenli, has been used in Peru for centuries to support sex drive and fertility. All of these ingredients in conjunction work to promote blood flow to the genitals, which in turn causes greater arousal and sensation. Male consumers are instructed to take two to four capsules 15-30 minutes previous to initiating sexual activity. Female consumers are advised to take one capsule daily. The blend is non-Drug, available for purchase directly from Allurex, and is said to have no adverse side affects. One bottle of 30 capsules costs $59.95.

Good About Allurex

  • Full company contact information provided
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Ingredients explained, all natural
  • Case studies and testimonials from satisfied users
  • Secure purchase site

Bad About Allurex

  • It is not clear if all ingredients are mentioned, and the amounts of each extract are not listed
  • No scientific evidence is presented to support claims

Allurex, The Bottom Line

While Allurex is fairly straightforward when it comes to presenting information such as full contact details and ingredient explanations, it would behoove the consumer to conduct a bit more research into each of the herbal extracts listed, rather than taking their word for it. Positive testimonials and case studies are great, but it would be more encouraging to see actual scientific evidence presented

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  1. Sean Kingston

    I have definitely been enjoying the improvement in my sex life, since I ordered the Allurex for my man. His sexual drive is increasing day by day. His penis is now much harder and lasts longer. It makes our sex more passionate and our climaxes more intense. Thank you for this wonderful enhancing product!