Androgel 1.62% – Does Androgel 1.62% Work?

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Men should be aware of their testosterone levels as this can affect several functions and characteristics of the body. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the “male characteristics” of a person which are excreted by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus and produced by the testes. Furthermore, it is important to know that testosterone levels may be influenced by several factors such as aging, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.


Studies conducted by the Endocrine Society revealed that low testosterone may also be a result of a renal and lung disease, infertility and osteoporosis. Some studies also found that low testosterone level is also linked to some sexual dysfunctions like decrease in sex drive, stamina and libido. There are several ways to address low testosterone, and one of them is by using Androgel 1.62%.

Androgel Overview

Androgel 1.62% is a gel-based formula designed for males who have low or no testosterone. As a Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT, it aims to bring back males’ T level. T level is the normal level of testosterone among males. By using Androgel 1.62% daily and properly, it is expected that its users will benefit from several health improvements as well as address issues on sexual health.

Androgel Precautions and Side Effects

Before using Androgel 1.62%, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor and undergo several tests to assess testosterone level. There are two tests for testosterone levels: one is to measure the “total” testosterone in the body. On the other hand, the “free” testosterone test refers to the level of testosterone in the bloodstream. These two tests can help determine if you indeed have low testosterone, while other tests may be performed to rule out other factors or conditions.

This is used by using a pump that’s designed to release a prescribe amount of gel per use. The formulation must be used on the upper arm and shoulders only, and not on the other parts of the body. It should also be applied the same time every morning, after taking a bath and with dry skin. Once dry, the skin with the applied gel should be covered with clothing. Lastly, only your doctor is allowed to change the amount of gel you should apply. Do not alter your dosage without consulting your doctor first.

Furthermore, users who are interested in using this product are advised of the following:

  • It can be transferred to other people by rubbing the area applied with the gel. Androgel 1.62% users should be careful regarding contact with children and women as they may have an effect on them. If this situation occurs, women and children are advised to wash the area with soap and water immediately.
  • You should also stop using the formulation and talk to your doctor when you notice changes such as having acne, changes in body hair and symptoms of puberty.
  • Side effects are also expected when using this product like skin irritation in the applied area, increase in blood pressure, mood swings and increase in prostate specific antigen.

As a prescription drug, it is important to use this product with care to avoid any untoward incidents and achieve optimum benefits.

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  1. Nelson

    GREAT !! Works awe-inspiring, helps my drive. The sole dangerous factor if you would like to decision it is that i am growing a bushy belly as this is often, wherever I apply it

  2. Gilbert

    Presently I am using Androgel 1.62 pump to fix my low testosterone problem and it has been helping me to get better hormone level. Last friday, when I had blood work and found a little improvement in my testosterone level.