Androx – Does Androx Work?

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Cheryl Powers

Androx Overview

Androx is a male enhancement supplement that is designed to improve a man’s erection and ultimately support his sexual performance. Rather than add sex hormones to the body, Androx is said to stimulate the body to produce its own hormones which can also support muscle mass, lift the mood and support the prostate.

The product information is detailed but not presented in an overly professional manner, but there are sections that include customer testimonials, an explanation of how the product works in the body plus details of the manufacturer, Biocentric Health.

Androx is available to purchase from the site and a number of different package options are available. All options are sent with free gifts and the minimum package (a one month supply) costs $39.95. Additionally, Androx has a 90-day money back guarantee.

Androx Product Description


Unfortunately not all ingredients are listed for Androx although those that are, are explained in detail. The formula consists of ingredients commonly found in this type of product including Tongkat Ali, for the treatment of impotence, Cordyceps, a well-known aphrodisiac, Epimedium, usually labelled as Horny Goat Weed and used to support blood flow to the penis, plus Tribulus, an extract that supports levels of testosterone. The actual dosage instructions are not provided for Androx, but most male enhancement products are taken either just before sexual activity or on a daily basis to build up over time. It is said that Androx can also benefit females by having a stimulating effect on the libido.

Good About Androx

  • Key ingredients are listed
  • Free gifts are offered
  • There is a 90-day money back guarantee
  • Androx can be taken by men and women
  • Customer testimonials are shown

Bad About Androx

  • Not all ingredients are listed
  • The web site is unprofessional in tone
  • No scientific proof is shown

Androx the Bottom Line

Androx does not appear to be unique in any way from so many of the other male enhancement products on the market. However, unlike some, it has a generous money back guarantee and does offer some useful and informative books as free gifts.

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  1. Mike Shaw

    I have been using Androx from last to 2 months and it has just increased my muscle mass. I was expecting a change in my sexual performance but nothing such happened. As they claim to increase the sexual stamina and improves overall sexual performance. I had just experienced an increase in my muscle mass and apart from that this product gave me nothing.