Androzene Reviewed: Is Androzene Really a Scam?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 2.5/5.0Androzene Reviewed: Is Androzene Really a Scam?
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Cheryl Powers

Androzene Overview: What Is It?

There are many people throughout the world who want a better, more active, and longer lasting sex drive within their relationships. This is true for both men and women. Androzene is a product that is available to men who want to develop a sex life that is a little more enjoyable. It uses only natural herbs to increase libido and stamina.

How Does It Work?


By using a unique combination of natural herbs which are all combined in one pill you can expect to experience an increase in blood flow to the penis. When you have more blood flowing freely you will experience a longer, fuller erection.

These ingredients are also able to improve your mood so that you respond more rapidly when the moment is right for intimacy. Your mood will also improve due to the overall confidence in knowing that your erection will be fuller and more satisfying for your partner.

The natural ingredients also give you an energy boost. A boost in energy will not only mean that you are larger with the increased blood flow but you will last longer due to an increase in your stamina.

Active Ingredients of Androzene

The main ingredients you will find in this pill include Epimedium Leaf extract-which is also known as “Horny Goat Weed”, Saw Palmetto Berry-this may improve urinary tract issues, Taurine-will increase energy, Lichen-an ingredient of Viagra, Niacin-for increased blood flow, as well as Guarana which is 22% caffeine.

How Long Will It Take To Show Results?

Research shows that if you want to achieve your full potential when taking Androzene, you should take 1-3 tablets once daily. For best results you should take it about 30 minutes prior to intimate moments with your partner. It could take up to 60 minutes for the full effect to take place, this varies depending on your body’s reaction to it.
Once you have taken it and felt the first effects, you may have a more erect penis for between 3-5 hours time with some “feelings” lasting for up to 12 hours. If you are someone who takes it daily, the results you experience should be more consistent, but again, this may vary from one person to the next.

Advantages Of Androzene

There are some advantages to take Androzene according to research. These benefits include things like:

  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Erotic Mood
  • Increased Energy
  • Longer Lasting Erection
  • Natural Ingredients

Disadvantages Of Androzene

Before you take any new product you should be warned ahead of time about any potential side effects associated with it. Androzene has very few side effects but there are some things that you may want to avoid. These include:

  • Caffeine Boost; Each pill will give you a boost in your caffeine levels and for many this may cause nervousness, inability to sleep, and other side effects.
  • Niacin: There is some concern over Niacin because according to the RDA men should take 16mg per day and with Androzene each tablet contains about 33mg. In high doses Niacin has been linked to liver damage.

Precautions and Safety Warnings

Due to the fact that there is some risk for liver damage, and as you should with any new medicine, it is always a good idea to speak with your physician if you have concerns. It is the only way to be totally certain that you are doing the right thing for your body.

Is There Any Side Effect Reported?

So far there have been no real side effects reported by men who have used Androzene except for the “positive” effect that it has on them unless you consider the problem with the caffeine included in the pills such as nervousness. This includes both long term effects and short term effects.

Has There Been Clinical Studies/Research Done?

To date there is no real scientific data to back up the claims that Androzene can enhance the male sexual experiences. However, there is significant proof that the ingredients within it are able to increase blood flow, enhance mood, and have other positive effects that may lead to a more robust sexual desire.

Dosage And Costing

The recommended dosage is three tablets once daily, especially before intimate moments. You should take it on an empty stomach because the ingredients are easier to absorb before you eat.

The price for Androzene when you consider that you can purchase one bottle of 90 pills for $120 and get a second bottle free. However, there is a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results, even if you take a full bottle of it, as long as you contact customer service and get an RA number within 30 days and return it.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews are a mixed amount of positives and negatives. Many people do experience an enhanced intimacy level and more long lasting erections. However, for all the people that have positive results, there are equal amounts who feel that it did nothing for them.

Final Verdict

Overall, with the money back guarantee, if you want to give it a try it should be fine for you to explore the possibility of taking Androzene. The guarantee makes it a no risk investment that could pay off big time in your bedroom. The problem is that you could get a comparable product for less than you will pay for this one and those others do have the clinical research and facts to back up their claims. If you do decide to take it, it is advisable that you do discuss it with your doctor to ensure that there are no risks for you if you do take it. You would not want something that was supposed to bring you and your partner closer together to hurt your overall well-being.

Where To Find it?

For more details visit official site

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  1. Mike

    While searching for the best male enhancement product, I came across Androzene and thereby learned a lot of buzz for it’s scam. I really don’t understand what to do, there are many of my friends suggested this product due to it’s popularity but while research I have found a lot controversy over it’s scam.

  2. Dwayne

    It’s about 5 months now since I started using Androzene, glad to share my experience that it actually does the trick for me. Great improvement in my sexual stamina and sex drive. Definitely going to recommend this, totally satisfied.

  3. Calvin

    I had a great expectation with Androzene when I started using it but soon I realize this stuff is definitely not my cup of tea. A lot of time after consuming this pill, I got serious headache and dizziness. When I discuss these condition with my health care expert, he immediately advice me to stop using it, as some of the ingredients are not suited to my system. I don’t know how this stuff work for many others, seriously disappointing stuff

  4. Malvin

    I am 35 yrs of age and I am having erection problems from the past couple of years. I tried many home remedies and natural procedure to get back my sexual life on track, but there is no change. I heard about Androzene quite a few times and found some good reviews from the users. I just started using this, but still feels quite skeptical about the results. I wish Androzene works for me.

  5. Billy

    Wow.. this is what all I can about Androzene. There is a tremendous boost in my energy, massive increase in my sex drive and my partner also feels the same for me, as she really enjoyed the time with me. Thanks for Androzene for giving my pleasure.

  6. Abraham

    Though this supplement helps me to increase my stamina, I also experience some negative effects like headache and stomach disorder as well with the use of Androzene.

  7. Luis

    Doesn’t generally do what it promised, I have been on this item reliably for a month however I didn’t feel any difference.

  8. Patrick

    It seems to be worked for me, I have noticed when I took this supplement as directed it works greatly. Just love this Androzene supplement to help me feel the real enjoyments.

  9. JOSE

    I can’t express exactly how useful this stuff is for enhancing the size, however it literally boosted my desire and more essentially much better performance.