Arcalion – Does Arcalion Work?

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Arcalion Overview

Arcalion is a brand name for an antiasthenic drug developed and manufactured by SERVIER, in France. Its generic name is Sulbutiamine. It is known to treat functional asthenia.

Asthenia is characterized by memory difficulties, fatigue, intellectual tiredness and convalescence. Thus, Arcalion works on the nervous system by recovering the body from inefficiency to mental and physical capacities.

Arcalion Product Details


Arcalion (Sulbutiamine) 200mg is a smart drug that enhances the functions of the brain and its memory. Sulbutiamine, in itself, is a derivative of vitamin B1 or thiamine. Thus, it has lipophilic compound that can cross through the blood brain barriers.

Aside from being a mind drug it also has other health benefits. According to a study, it can also work as an erectile dysfunction treatment. With its capacity to enhance mental awareness, it is also believed to have an effect on sexual function problem.

There are actually studies that prove its usefulness in erectile dysfunction. One study tested 70 male volunteers between the ages 30 and 50—these individuals suffered from erectile dysfunctions. Half of them were advised to take Arcalion daily for 8 weeks, the other half were given placebo. After 8 weeks, the ones taking Arcalion had experienced significant improvement, especially those men whose erectile dysfunction was caused by psychological reasons.

Good About Arcalion

Weakness is one of the reasons why men have sexual problems. What Arcalion does is that it augments the body’s strength, energy, alertness and focus. In addition to these, it also helps the patient recover his lost memory as it strengthens the thinking process.

Because of the aforementioned health benefits, Arcalion is recommended for athletes as nutritional supplement. It can help them reach their maximum potential and reload their energy after exhausting activities.

But Aside from treating asthenia and mind problems, Arcalion is known to be an effective erectile dysfunction treatment. Because Arcalion works on the mind, the one that gives command, the erection can last the entire day.

Bad About Arcalion

Some minor side effects may occur after using Arcalion (it also depends on the patient and his or her compliance with the doctor’s instruction):

  • Irritation
  • Dermatitis
  • Heightened levels of uric acid
  • Renal failure
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Epidermolysis
  • Headaches

There can be reactions such as tight chest, difficulty in breathing, swelling, skin rashes, or hives. If any of these occur, immediately consult your doctor or seek any medical attention.

Arcalion The Bottom Line

Arcalion is a powerful drug that can treat the symptoms of functional asthenia. But aside from enhancing the functions of the brain, it is also considered as an erectile dysfunction treatment. It can have slight side effects but what is important is that you consult your doctor before using any drug.

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  1. James

    Arcalion works to improve brain functionality, tell me how does it help to improve erection and sex drive in men. I want to use this product can you shed some light on this? I want to know more about it.

  2. Richard Dyler

    As Arcalion is antiasthenic drug tell me how it improves penile erection. I read information about it online, but sufficient information is not available about the product. Please explain how it work to improve strength and erection in men.