Black Ant Pills – Does Black Ant Pills Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 3/5.0Black Ant Pills – Does Black Ant Pills Work?
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Cheryl Powers

Black Ant Pills Overview

Black Ant Pills are a brand of male enhancement that helps support a man’s sexual energy, potency and stamina. It is designed to be a natural alternative to Drug Erectile Dysfunction medications such as Viagra and contains a number of traditional chinese herbs. The Black Ant Pills website is reasonably informative but not overly professional in appearance and contains some explicit images. The site includes customer testimonials, FAQ section and additional information regarding sexual function and related conditions.

Black Ant Pills can be purchased securely, directly from the website and customer discounts are available for bulk orders. A box of Black Ant Pills contains 4 capsules and costs $20.00. There is no money back guarantee available for Black Ant Pills and no free samples are offered.

Black Ant Pills Product Description

Black Ant Pills

All the ingredients for Black Ant Pills are listed on the company website but there are no detailed explanations as to what each one does. The main ingredient is the Black Mountain Ant, which has been used traditionally in Asia for the treatment of many health conditions including back pain, arthritis and sexual dysfunction and energy. Other ingredients listed are Ginseng, Hippocampi, amino acids and trace minerals. In addition to sexual function, Black Ant Pills helps improve the immune system, stimulate the adrenal gland and support sperm production for virility.

The product is to be taken 30 minutes before sexual activity and the effects can last for a number of hours.

Good About Black Ant Pills

  • All ingredients are listed
  • Black Ant Pills have no harmful side effects
  • There is a FAQ section
  • Customer testimonials are provided

Bad About Black Ant Pills

  • Company details are limited
  • No money back guarantee is provided
  • The website is unprofessional
  • Each box only contains 4 capsules

Black Ant Pills The Bottom Line

With so many other well-known erectile dysfunction products on the market, it is not likely that a consumer would be willing to take a chance on the Black Ant Pills brand. This type of product may appeal more to those with an interest and knowledge of chinese medicine, but even so, most consumers would like to be offered a money back guarantee.

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  1. Albert

    Though I didn’t notices any side effects, but black ant pills not able to provide me such result for the reason I have purchased it.

  2. Tucker

    Black Ant Pill carries a few minor negative effects. I experienced a mild headache as well as a stuffy nose. It does work pretty nice. One single pill last me the entire week. I can tell it was there in my system from the intense erections. I didn’t prefer to put up this comment just because the more and more people buy it the cost goes up.

  3. Owen

    I am facing the problem of erectile dysfunction from past few months and I am searching for the remedy. This pill might work for me but I don’t want to take a chance with this Chinese product as I once used a Chinese medicine to treat my migraine but it caused me a lot of side effects. So I would rather go with some other pills instead of Black Ant Pill.

  4. Jacob

    I’m using this product from last 2 months and still no results. Does it take time?

  5. Richard

    It has been effective in taking care of my ED symptom’s which I was experiencing. I never lacked of sex drive or it’s just an inability to keep it after some exertions.