Code Red 7 Reviews: Does Code Red 7 Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 4/5.0Code Red 7 Reviews: Does Code Red 7 Work?
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Cheryl Powers

Code Red 7 Overview

Code Red 7 is a product that is made to help enhance the male sexual performance. It is the type of product that only needs to be taken when required, prior to sexual activity, rather than a daily supplement. It is sold on a number of retail sites online but there is no official website for the brand unfortunately. However, most of the retailers do feature a good amount of information about the brand and the formula and, even though the manufacturer doesn’t offer a money back guarantee, most retail sites have their own refund policies.

Code Red 7 is for sale at a cost of $44.95, which is a pack of 10 capsules. This is average for this type of product and obviously how long one pack lasts depends on how frequently it is used.

Product Details

Code Red 7

The list of ingredients used in the Code Red 7 formula is all listed on many websites. It combines natural, herbal ingredients such as Dong Quai, Horny Goat Weed, Eurycoma, Caltrops, Deer Antler and Maca, all of which are designed to increase the circulation which improves blood flow to the penis. This has the ultimate effect of supporting a strong and powerful erection and the capsule should be taken approximately 45 minutes before sexual activity in order to give the formula time to take effect.

While the formula does include Caltrops which is good for supporting levels of male hormones, it doesn’t contain Prosexual Nutrients which are usually used in these types of products for relaxing the blood vessels in order to further increase blood flow.

Good About Code Red 7

  • All ingredients are listed.
  • Code Red 7 does not require daily dosage.
  • Independent customer testimonials are shown.
  • Code Red 7 is all natural.
  • The formula contains Caltrops.

Bad About Code Red 7

  • Not all ingredients are explained in detail.
  • There is no official website.
  • No scientific proof is shown.
  • The formula does not contain Prosexual Nutrients.

The Bottom Line

This product is very similar to many other sexual performance enhancers on the market and there is nothing that makes it superior in any particular way. In fact, because it doesn’t use Prosexual Nutrients in the formula it may not be as effective as those that do, although it does have more aphrodisiacal substances than many. Ultimately though, the lack of information about the manufacturer or clinical study evidence means that Code Red 7 cannot be recommended.

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Code Red 7

Code Red 7
M Drive Men

M Drive Men
X4 Labs Extender

X4 Labs Extender



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  1. Jacob

    I personally feel that this is an average kind of product, I used this product before the activity and in the same way as instructed. However, at the initial day I found a bit energetic all through the day but somehow the effects not remains the same. As time passes Code Red 7 started showing no effects and there is no such things which I experience in the initial day of using this, I would not recommend this too.

  2. Landry

    My wife is quite experimental at bed, every night she needs something more and something different. Due to having sex on a regular basis, I was facing the difficulty to get and maintain erection. I was unable to perform in bed, as a result she was upset. I searched for a solution and came up with Stiff 4 Ever. Great product, provides me rock hard erection and now she’s happy again. Thanks to Stiff 4 Ever!!!!

  3. Mark

    Why Dong Quai is used in code red 7 as an ingredient? If I’m not wrong, Dong Quai is used for menopause or PMS, my spouse used to take that for PMS! Doubtful, if this would be the correct formula for me.

  4. Braxton

    I requested the item on the bases that it was claiming to provide guaranteed satisfaction. I tried the item Code Red 7 & twice with absolutely no results at all. When I called them to get a return RMA they let me know I would just get a $30 refund. Likewise, since I didn’t concur with the executive, she said she might have a supervisor call me in regards to my complete refund. Guess what…..I never got a call. I am set to challenge the charge on my card……BUYERS BEWARE of such RIPOFFS!!!!!!

  5. Kaleb

    Heard a lot of hype bout Code Red 7 and decided to give it a shot. I was amazed by the results. It made me so hard that she was not willing to leave me. Apart from the benefits, I got a few side effects like headache and upset tummy.

  6. Diego

    I seriously hate if products or supplements don’t even have an official website. I actually can’t find out why I am spending my time looking at code red 7 here. Will look for something different.

  7. Zack

    Code red 7 contains ingredient called Deer Antler, I heard that it’s a good testosterone booster. I was looking out for a product that would enhance my sexual life along with increased level of testosterone. This product fulfilled all my needs.

  8. Jerry

    This product seems to be ok, but I’m not sure if Code RED 7 is the best thing around, that will do the job. As I had experienced few positive and few negative from this product. Though it improved my performance in bed, but not up to the mark I was expecting.

  9. wayne

    A friend of mine suggested me to use Code Red 7, as I was facing erection problem. As he had experienced positive results from this product, so I tried it. My experience was a bit different from him. This product improved my erections, but my staying power was still the same. I think increasing the dosage might help.

  10. J.Swann

    Code Red 7 enhanced my sexual desire to another level. Regular dosage is not required, that is the best part about this product. So, whenever I feel to re-energize my sex life, I take it. My girlfriend is pretty happy with my performance.

  11. Slovan

    I tried Code red 7, because it’s a popular product and claims to provide strong and powerful erection. Regular dosage helped me to improve the erection size. After a month, I can say that this product has improved my sexual performance tremendously.

  12. Keiron

    Code red 7 gave me exactly what I desired for. I try it whenever I feel as there is no regular dosage consumption. It increases my size and helped to last for long. The ingredients caltrop is known to increase the level of hormones. The perfect blend of all the ingredients gives out positive result.

  13. Ethan

    Seems ok, unsure if COde RED 7 is the smartest thing around, however would possibly do the task. Would like to get some muscle gain too, gonna check up on the highest placed product virectin you mentioned, thanks. LOVE that there are such a large amount of natural-herbal choices around.

  14. Avery

    If Code Red 7 does the job so by helping me get it up as well as stay longer , i don’t feel code red 7 is costly specially as you simply take it when you need it , it’s not the kinda stuff you need to take everyday from just what I can understand .

  15. Edward

    I am using code red 7 from the past 1 month, and I am now happy with my performance in bed, which is now touching new heights of success. I would say the product is really good, and natural. But the problem is that no ingredients information about the product is available about it. But overall the product is good to use.

  16. Steven

    Hi! I’m 47 and suffering from erectile dysfunction from last 3 years. My sexual life is really messed up! My wife is not satisfied with my performance. I was desperately looking out for a product that would bring me back my sexual life. After reviewing some products on net, I tried Code red 7 just because I thought that it will help to solve my erectile dysfunction problem. Initially in the 1st month, I experienced few favorable results as it improved my erection to some extent. But later on this product stopped working for me. I thought increasing the dosage might help but even after increasing the dosage there were absolutely no results. But now after using it for 2 months, I haven’t experienced any improvement in my erectile dysfunction problem. As I have a stock of these pills for almost a month so I’m planning to return these pills to get back my money, but the main problem I’m facing is that they don’t even have an official website. Mostly I see reviews on web about this product but detailed information is not provided. I’m really stuck now. I thought this product would give me back my sexual life but now I’m facing even more problems. My erectile problem is even worse now. Don’t know what to do?

  17. Jack

    Can anyone give me an idea of what may be the shipping charges and the delivery time in USA after placing an order on code red 7? As I want this product as early as possible.