Enduranz – Does Enduranz Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 3/5.0Enduranz – Does Enduranz Work?
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Enduranz Overview

Enduranz is a male sexual performance product that also promises to support fertility and sperm count. The product is made in the Philippines and is sold through a Filipino online store called Nattural (sic) Quality Corporation. While the majority of the official Enduranz website is in English, many of the links (e.g. commercials and videos) are not, and the overall tone of the site is not professional. However, the site does contain some customer testimonials and ordering/ shipping FAQ section, plus information about the manufacturers.

If ordered through Nattural Quality Corp. Enduranz has a 30 day refund policy, but no free samples or risk free trials are offered. Customers are offered some discount coupons for the company’s products, but these seem to only be available to Filipino customers.

Enduranz Product Details


The majority of the ingredients are listed for Enduranz, but no individual amounts are shown nor are there any clinical studies to show proof of its success rate. Most of the ingredients will likely not be familiar to North American customers and they include the herbal substances Tongkat Ali, a testosterone restoring substance, Banaba, for supported metabolism, Mulungay, an anti-oxidant, and the aphrodisiac Gotu Kola.

Enduranz is available in boxes of 10 capsules, although at the recommended dose of 1 capsule per day, this would obviously not last long. A three box set of Enduranz is sold online for $39.00, including shipping costs.

Although the Enduranz blend is all natural and no side effects have been reported, it should be noted that the herbs used in the formula may cause allergic reactions in some customers.

Good About Enduranz

  • Enduranz is an all-natural product
  • The Enduranz website contains a reasonable amount of product information
  • The product has a 30-day return policy
  • The formula contains anti-oxidants and may help relieve stress and anxiety
  • The main active ingredients are listed for Enduranz
  • Some customer testimonials are provided
  • Only one capsule per day is required

Bad About Enduranz

  • The product has to be ordered from the Philippines
  • Only part of the Enduranz website is in English
  • Each box only contains 10 capsules
  • No clinical studies are shown
  • The ingredients are not familiar in North America
  • No free samples are offered
  • Not all the ingredients are listed
  • Only brief explanations are given for the Enduranz ingredients

Enduranz The Bottom Line

Enduranz may provide a support in the metabolism and possibly support sexual endurance, but there is absolutely no proof that it helps infertility, and it should not be relied upon to do so, particularly by men who have been diagnosed with a low sperm count.

The fact that Enduranz must be ordered and shipped from the Philippines, plus the lack of clinical studies, makes this a product not to be recommended to North American customers.

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