Extenze – Does Extenze Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 3/5.0Extenze – Does Extenze Work?
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Cheryl Powers

Extenze Overview

The ‘As Seen on TV’ advertised product Extenze is presented on a professional and informative but not easily navigated website.
Among the benefits cited by the manufacturer is the fact that the product involves no ‘weights, gadgets or surgery’, instead using an all-natural formula to safely enhance male sexual performance. The product is said to produce instant results and is ‘doctor-approved’, although there is no evidence to prove this, nor are there clinical studies shown.

While the information for Extenze includes good ingredient details, no customer testimonials are shown and there is only a very short FAQ section. The capsules, which are obviously made to resemble the small blue Viagra pills, can be purchased directly and securely from the official site and a 60-day money back guarantee is offered on all orders.

Extenze Product Details

Extenze is a one-a-day capsule that supports the duration and strength of the erection, thereby making sexual activity more pleasurable for both partners. It is to be taken daily to maintain performance results and the user can expect to see maximum results within 8 weeks of use.

Extenze contains three separate proprietary blends – Male Phohormone Blend, with HRTS, Bio-Enhancement Blend, which includes Black Pepper and Ginger plus the unique Sexual Response Enhancement Blend. This last formula has a long list of active ingredients that include Yohimbe, Tribulus, Velvet Deer Antler, Licorice root, Horny goat Weed, Damiana, Nettle, L-Arginine and Astragulus. All these ingredients benefit male sexual performance by widening blood vessels allowing for greater blood flow and supporting the libido and virility.

Because all the formulas are proprietary blends, no individual ingredient amounts are shown and no detailed accounts of how the blends work are provided.

Good About Extenze

  • Extenze requires one pill per day
  • The formulas contain many known male enhancement health ingredients
  • A 60-day money back guarantee is provided
  • Extenze is presented in a professional website
  • The ingredients are all natural
  • No side effects have been reported
  • Discounts are given on larger orders
  • The shopping site is 100% secure

Bad About Extenze

  • No ingredient amounts are shown
  • No clinical trial results are available
  • There is no information about the manufacturer
  • The website makes over-exaggerated claims
  • The website is not user-friendly
  • Extenze is expensive
  • No customer testimonials are shown
  • No ingredient explanations are provided

Extenze The Bottom Line

On the surface, Extenze appears to be a good choice as a brand of male enhancement product. It certainly contains many beneficial ingredients although without knowing the exact amounts in the formula or seeing clinical tests, it is impossible to say if it works as well as claimed. Unfortunately, not providing these essential facts means that anyone buying the product, which costs $59.95 for a one month supply, would be taking a big financial chance.

Where to Find It?

For more details, please click here

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  1. Shane

    Lots of claim and lots of statements, but actually found nothing when it comes to the outcomes, totally disappointed with the use of Extenze

  2. Maria

    My husband just started using this product a week ago after reviewing it pretty well. Generally we had a great time during intercourse but from the last few months he was suffered with a lack of desire due to hectic schedule at his work. After quite a lot of research he then decided to give it a try to Extenze, I wish he could get his sexual desire back on track.

  3. Joy

    I used to have a great sexual life but as I am getting older, I found a bit decrease in my performance. I started using Extenze for the same reason but didn’t get the same pleasure which they claim for. However there is increase in my sexual desire but my stamina remains the same.

  4. Jordan

    I took this product for 3 months and my experience with Extenze is not differ from those unsatisfied user. Frankly speaking, I got weird heart palpitations and anxiety most of the time

  5. Allen

    I chose to attempt this in the wake of seeing all the incredible reviews, I have just been taking this for around 6 weeks now and I have developed in thickness with a great deal of vitality and drive. This item truly lives up to expectations!

  6. RANDY

    Tried this stuff for two different times, but nothing changes. I have had Extenze as instructed with my daily routine workouts but it offers nothing for the reasons which I purchased for.


    Well I purchased this stuff simply to maximize the time period, however it didn’t. I had taken Extenze for just a little over a week and then stopped make use of it after witnessing no outcome.

    1. Jonathan

      Hey Joseph feel sad to hear this, but I have a different story with the use of Extenze. This supplement not only help me to last longer in bed but it also makes my partner to feel more satisfaction from my side. Love this product, I wish it could help you like it did for me.

  8. Marvin

    Just a single pill in a day and what great energy I experience. Extenze is a bit expensive compare to other male enhancement product available in the market but I can frankly speaking it is worth because the results are far above than those cheaper stuff.

  9. Karlon

    I’m using Extenze from last 2 months, I had experienced positive results. My erection is much better than before and I can last for long. Though, this product takes time to give results.

  10. Alford

    ExtenZe has been linked with high blood pressure, stomach ache due to the hazardous ingredients like “Yohimbe”. Consumers who have used it have stated that the side-effects are minimal and the pleasure out-weigh.

  11. Walter

    Extenze worked for me as the way it is advertised. My performance in bedroom has improved drastically. Now, I can last for long and my wife is very happy, with the way I please her in the bedroom.

  12. Rovan

    I tried this product just because I got influenced from the advertised. Frankly speaking, the changes I experienced were very less. I’m planning for money back as I had used this product for more than 2 months.

  13. Jabari

    Thought to give a try to this product, however it did nothing at all for me personally. Tried it out for more than two months. Didn’t tell anything at all to my wife to see whether she noticed any difference. Zero noticeable gain.

  14. Matt

    Well, thanks for the review. I am using Extenze from past 6 months and it is working, but I am not able to get expected results after using it. Also I didn’t find any clinical study or testimonial as a cover. I feel the product only works best with regular usage, and it gives you temporary results. Need to try the extended form of this product.

  15. Jonny White

    “Throughout my career as Banker, though I am constantly participating in adventure sports to make me physically active I still unfortunately facing some problem related to sexual issues. It is like a shock and very painful for me to accept this. But I thought that it is better to accept and try to live my life normally again. When this issue started to badly affect my marital relationship makes me to decide that I have to do something about my sexual problem as soon as possible.
    I used exercises and other free techniques but they didn’t work and were painful. I wanted painless and easier way to go because this issue is trying to drill my marital relationship and I can’t afford it because I love my wife so much. It makes me to turn on to male enhancement supplement.

    Now it is time to discover that which is the best avail male enhancement supplement in the market which easily and safely can fulfill my requirements, as I want to cure my problem but not ready to accept other problems (Side-effects). Then after a long run I found the best natural male enhancement product, sure it is according to me “The Best”.
    The manufacturers of Extenze have used one of the most highly effective natural active ingredients able to increase men’s sexual overall performance and by means of vigilant scientific exploration and procedure, created a formula which will unquestionably deliver extraordinary benefits in case utilized as recommended.
    Even though prescribed drugs can supply immediate temporary benefits concerning erectile disorders or even very poor sexual overall performance they sadly just “treat the symptom” and usually do not treat the root complications, offering genuine long lasting benefits.
    This is genuinely the real benefit of utilizing Extenze, I now ultimately feel comfortable realizing that I’m choosing the best blend of natural active ingredients which is able to provide my sexual urge the jump start it really needs in both the short-term as well as long-term.

    As a banker I am quite significant about the investment that I made in Extenze male enhancement product, but I’m fully assured about this product, and this product is also gives me the result up to the mark, and I love the experience that this product allow me to have with my wife. Thank You Extenze!!!!!

  16. Young

    The products that are sold over the counter do not even require a doctor’s prescription. So, male enhancement products are gaining popularity .The males suffering from any sexual disorder can use this pill.

  17. Perez

    HOLY SHIT GUYS LISTENS TO THIS! 5 days into Extenze, I took my shirt off on the 5th day and looked at the mirror in complete HORROR. My ENTIRE upper torso was covered with hives in the front and back too. I looked like something out of a horror movie as I had an obvious allergic reaction to it. Not only that, but I was feeling irritable and borderline violent just after the 4th day. “Morning wood” three days in a row was nice; I felt like I was in high school again but clearly the gains did not outweigh the negatives in this instance. So goodbye Morning wood!!!

  18. Brown

    Extenze has highly potent ingredients that give instant outcomes. All you need to do is to just consume 1 capsule, 1 hour before making love and you can enjoy its after-effects for hours or even for days.

  19. Sandy

    These pills are great. I took them for a couple of months but not long enough to see any gains in length. I certainly noticed a huge difference in the hardness of my erections and my ability to last longer, my wife even noticed too. I go to the gym quite a bit and noticed Extenze made me feel like I had more energy while I work out. I would like to use them again but with the baby on the way I can’t afford the luxury. I ordered my pills from [URL censored] I wasn’t sure at first but these guys helped me out heaps.

  20. Richard H

    Well I made the decision to try Extenze and so I have some questions in my mind as everybody else. Does penis enlargement pills really work and Is there anything better than Extenze out there? Well anyway I have decided to give it a go and the results have been ok, after using it for 7 weeks, my penis size has increased from about 6 inches to about 7 inches. I’m totally not happy with that yet, but I am hoping to get bigger penis so I will keep on using this product and hopefully I will get results. One thing that I gotta say about Extenze pills is that they definitely had made my penis a lot harder during erection. I’m still gonna give Extenze pills a positive review even though I’m totally not yet satisfied with what I’ve achieved so far, but I do believe that I will eventually get there.

  21. Mick

    One month ago, I purchased this Product called Extenze and I noticed that it increase my energy and I feel much better and charged up most of the time. I always used to wonder that how people are using it and what results they might be attaining. I want more information about such products so that I can benefit myself as early as possible. Thanks

  22. James White

    Hey Hi, I have seen your review of Extenze and on official website it is also mentioned about sending an email to request the free guide which is for enhancement exercise, could you let me know that how can I get the copy, Thank you and great information on your site.

  23. Wales

    It functions properly but yet comes with the highest price on the market today ! I imagine you need to pay to play.

  24. Mark

    With Extenze it is similar to sex machine. Now I am so horny having this thing that sometimes my girlfriend feels I really needs to be secured closely. Even though I have to accept that after intercourse I do have a little bit of dizziness which I realize because I almost never had this kind of uncertain feeling and dizziness before using it.