Growmax – Does Growmax Work?

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Cheryl Powers

Growmax Overview

Growmax is an all-natural sexual enhancement product that claims to maximize penile growth, stamina, and pleasure. While this information is not available on their website, it seems that Growmax is sold by a company called Premier Marketing.

Growmax Product Details


The makers of Growmax claim that it works quickly, the positive effects can last between two and three days, and users may take it with alcohol. The official website is rather skimpy, merely presenting an image of the product, a brief description, an odd link to the website currently being viewed, and a phone number. Scanning other information available online, there is a paucity of hard facts concerning Growmax. Apparently, its nutritional label merely lists a proprietary blend as the main ingredient, without specifying individual additives. Growmax works only with stimulating, one capsule is said to last up to 72 hours, and there are several warnings listed on the packaging.

Growmax is available from online retailers such as Amazon for $7.49 for a package of two pills and eBay for $40.99 for a package of 12 capsules. Unfortunately, these sites did not offer more product information. One alternative health website listed the Growmax ingredients as Rhizoma Polygonati, Deer Velvet Antler, Tonkat Ali, Cnidum, Withania Somnifera Extract, Tribulus Extract, Wolf Berry Extract, Mucuna Pruita Extract, and Muira Puama Extract. However, it is not clear where this purveyor obtained this information.

Good About Growmax

  • Said to be all-natural and fast acting
  • Available for purchase online

Bad About Growmax

  • Lack of ingredient information
  • Very little in the way of company details can be found
  • Only works with stimulation
  • Men with preexisting conditions should check with their doctor before using
  • No testimonials, scientific evidence, or guarantee

Growmax, The Bottom Line

There is simply not enough information available on Growmax to recommend it as an effective male sexual enhancement product. It is never advisable to order or take a supplement that does not clearly list all of its ingredients. Additionally, it is important to know manufacturing details and be provided with company contact information in case a problem arises.

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  1. Bob Yeazel

    After using a product prescribed by a medical practitioner for about 3 years i didn’t get the expected result from the product. I got so many side effects from that product consumption just like having headaches, backache, flushing. In my bed i was feeling like sneezing, nasal congestions, running nose, among all this side effects on my body. Then after some time i have heard about growmax from my friend and then decided to give a try to it. After only one of consumption, i got the expected result. Now i get the hard rock erection. My wife says that i am in back 20′s at the age 45+.