Kamagra – Does Kamagra Work?

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Kamagra Overview

The Kamagra brand is an Indian manufactured medication that advertises itself as the ‘generic Viagra’. It is designed to be used to help treat the distressful problem of Erectile Dysfunction, a condition that affects many men both physically and emotionally.

There are a number of websites that sell Kamagra, but the official website by the manufacturer Ajanka Pharma contains a good amount of details although it seems to have been produced in India as the text is very badly worded, giving it a most unprofessional image. There are some standard features included on the website including a FAQ section and a couple of customer testimonials, but again, these are so poorly worded, it is hard to take them seriously.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee is available on all orders, although this seems to apply only to the delivery process and not the product itself. Kamagra is available to purchase directly from this particular site in a number of different doses and several order sizes. The minimum order of 4 tablets costs $45.00, and the per unit size is less expensive with larger orders.

Kamagra Product Details


There are not many details available for Kamagra in regards to the ingredients. The key active ingredient is the same as that in Viagra, which is Sildenafil Citrate. This medication was originally produced by Pfizer in 1998 and has a number of different uses, including the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. It works primarily by inhibiting the PDE5, the enzyme responsible for decreasing the blood flow to the penis.

Kamagra has negative side effects associated with it that include headaches, hot flushes, nausea and backache. Most of these should dissipate after 24 hours and can be helped with an support in water intake. However, Kamagra is not suitable by those already using medication for high blood pressure.

Good About Kamagra

  • Kamagra is a more affordable alternative to Viagra
  • Sildenafil Citrate is FDA approved
  • Kamagra is available in different doses
  • Kamagra is fast-acting and lasts up to 6 hours
  • The medication inhibits the enzyme PDE5
  • The ordering process is secure
  • All deliveries are guaranteed

Bad About Kamagra

  • Kamagra has negative side effects
  • The official website is unprofessional
  • The refund is not clearly detailed
  • Kamagra is not suitable for all users
  • The testimonials do not seem genuine
  • No contact information is provided for the manufacturer

Kamagra The Bottom Line

Although Kamagra may seem like an attractive option due to the low cost, there are several red flags that should serve as warning signs. The manufacturer may be a reputable company, but the lack of contact information, combined with the poor quality of the website deter from their credibility. Most consumers would likely feel more comfortable paying a little extra and getting Viagra from their regular, trusted physician.

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  1. Terry

    I have been using this stuff for over 4 months and have good results. Though I have noticed some unwanted effects as well but most importantly Kamagra helps me to perform long lasting at the time of intercourse.

  2. Keenan

    How are you affected in case the erection lasts 4-5 hrs, will it induce permanent damage, impotence….? I took this pill once and my erection was on for bout 4 to 5 hrs. I’m just scared out!!!!

  3. Roger

    I am using Kamagra, it is helping me to achieve better erection. After using it for 1 month I am now feeling better but also experiencing frequent headache. I don’t know why this is happening I am thinking now about discontinuing the usage of medicine. I think headache could be a possible side effect of this.

  4. Zack

    Hello! I am 49 years old man who delivered great delight in his overall performance during sex. However, a couple of months back, I was shattered as my spouse commented that I arrived sooner than she desired. This shook me up and thus I had been searching for a natural supplement which could make me to last much longer. Individuals who had never ever experienced any sexual problem would be unable to realize how devastating it could be mentally to a person and also to his partner. I had hardly any issues within my married life and perhaps took it for granted that we will enjoy fantastic love-making sessions all our lives until and unless she commented that night about my early ejaculation. It was absolutely a jolt to me and my wife, as it affected our marital relationship since both of us started to look listless within a quick time period. I found it earth shattering to acknowledge the scenario and I furthermore felt guilty for denying the pleasures of life to my wonderful wife.Finally my friend suggested me to try Kamagra. He was using this product for a long time and he was quite satisfied with the outcomes. So I placed my order for Kamagra. I consumed the product for couple of weeks but it hardly helped me. Rather I got some serious headache, hot flashes and disturbed stomach. My wife got worried about my health and so she stopped me from using this product. It was all waste of money and time for me. Now I am using a different product which is really great and without any side effects, it’s working for me.

  5. Michael Wasswa

    Just want to know whether there is empirical evdence of Kamagra leading to shrinking of penis after use.
    Someone claimed so a few years back, but looks like I am experiencing the same.

  6. Carson

    I tried 2 erectile dysfunction medicines and it just didn’t do the trick. Then I took Kamagra and got the expected result. I have noticed that now I can last much longer which pleases my wife. It works good but really troubles me with sinus congestion.

  7. Owen

    I have been using Kamagra for almost 3 months. I am 64yrs and I had visited my doctor to check my testosterone blood level which was normal. I was expecting results from this product but didn’t even notice any improvement in my sexual desire.

  8. Gian

    I had tried Kamagra and on the first day I really didn’t noticed anything but on the 3rd or 4th day, it was working. It is good for size, stamina, length, better orgasms, and overcoming any problems related to erections.

  9. Kethy

    Kamagra is such a great product to use and even though it doesn’t feel quite like normal sex does, my boyfriend lasts longer which is fantastic. Thanks!!!

  10. Matthew

    Kamagra is effective and I have observed an increase in my erection but it takes time like weeks to show the desired result.