Kohinoor Gold – Does Kohinoor Gold Work?

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Cheryl Powers

Kohinoor Gold Overview

Kohinoor Gold is a product that is manufactured by the Indian company Morpheme. The company manufactures a large number of health and wellness products and most are based on Ayurvedic medicine, using traditional, ancient Indian herbs. In the case of Kohinoor Gold – Kohinoor means ‘Mountain of Light’ – in addition to supporting the size and length of the male erection, the product helps to relieve stress and energize the spirit.

The Morpheme website is quite professional and well written unlike many other overseas manufacturing sites. It contains details for all the product lines they produce plus information about the company, although this doesn’t include contact details. The site has several health related articles and there is additional information about the problems associated with erectile dysfunction, a condition that affects both the sufferers and their partners.

The Kohinoor Gold product can be purchased directly and securely from the company site and there is a money-back guarantee on all unused product returned within 10 days.

Kohinoor Gold Product Details

Kohinoor Gold

Kohinoor Gold contains a large number of all-natural herbal substances which are all listed on the website. Details are given as to how the key ingredients function, but it is unlikely that many of the ingredients will be familiar to North American customers.

Included in the formula are Winter Cherry, Asparagus Racemosus, Black Musale, Salep Orchid, Saffron and Makardhwaj. All ingredients are used to invigorate, energize and enhance the libido in some way, while supporting the blood flow to the penis which in turn helps support the erection.

Kohinoor Gold capsules are suitable for vegetarians and are unlikely to cause any unpleasant side effects in the majority of users. They are to be taken at a dose of one capsule twice a day, and the recommended period of treatment is between 4-8 weeks, although it is unclear if it needs to be taken regularly to maintain results.

Kohinoor Gold is reasonably priced, costing $70.00 for a 2 bottle order (which seems to be the minimum order).

Good About Kohinoor Gold

  • Kohinoor Gold contains all-natural herbal ingredients
  • The product is reasonably priced
  • Kohinoor Gold can be purchased securely
  • The product website contains customer testimonials
  • Additional health information is provided on the website
  • The capsules are suitable for vegetarians
  • Larger orders are sent with bonus free gifts

Bad About Kohinoor Gold

  • No samples or risk-free trials are available
  • No contact information is provided for the manufacturer
  • No clinical study results are shown
  • The ingredients will be unfamiliar to many customers
  • The return policy is limited
  • It may take up to 2 months to achieve maximum results

Kohinoor Gold The Bottom Line

This type of product may be suitable for those who are interested in alternative and eastern-based medicine. For the majority of North American customers however, it is more likely that they would prefer a supplement that is manufactured in the U.S.A. and feature herbs that are more familiar and commonly used in this type of product.

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  1. Juben

    I tried Kohinoor gold as I wanted to increase my size & length. After 3 months, I experienced a little change in my size and my stamina did increase. This product really takes a lot of time to show results.

  2. David Lory

    Before purchasing Kohinoor gold, i was using Viagra but was not getting the expected result. After doing lot of research regarding the male enhancement product to, use i came to know about Kohinoor-Gold and started using it. After using it merely for three weeks i got the expected result and i am totally satisfied with this product and today i can say that i have found the best of all the products i have been searching for long time.