Libidron – Does Libidron Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 3/5.0Libidron – Does Libidron Work?
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Cheryl Powers

Libidron Overview

A male sexual enhancement product, Libidron is made by West Coast Nutritionals, and available via the internet. The product information for Libidron is very detailed, although unfortunately, the overall tone of the site is gimmicky and over-exaggerated. The website claims that Libidron was declared the #1 Male Enhancement product of 2011 by ‘Men’s Sexual Health’ but give no further details. Additionally, while they mention clinical testing on the product, actual proof is not provided.

Among the information on the website are customer testimonials, a diagram showing how Libidron works in the body and the effect it has on the penis, plus a chart showing the benefits of Libidron in comparison with similar products. Libidron can be ordered securely from the site, and in addition to a 30 day risk free trial, larger orders are eligible to receive a free gift of Libidron cream and e-book. Consumers can try a special 4-pack of Libidron for $17.95, with a one month supply costing $39.95.

Libidron Product Description


Only the key active ingredients in the Libidron formula are shown and explained in detail. The main function of the formula is to support levels of the male sex hormone testosterone using Tribulus and Eurycoma Longifolia while supporting male reproductive health with Avena Sativa. In addition to this Libidron contains the ‘energy and stamina’ blend combines Ginseng, Guarana and Deer Antler. It is also claimed that Libidron can support semen production and improve the power of the orgasm, but again, no proof is actually provided.

It is assumed that Libidron is only taken before sexual activity and it is said to work within 25 minutes, lasting up to 72 hours.

Good About Libidron

  • The product website is informative
  • The website provides customer testimonials
  • Key ingredients are shown
  • Libidron is fast-acting
  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free gifts are offered

Bad About Libidron

  • The product website is over-exaggerated
  • No clinical proof is shown
  • Libidron is only available online
  • Not all ingredients are listed

Libidron the Bottom Line

While Libidron contains commonly used ingredients in the formula, without knowing the exact amounts it is impossible to say how powerful it actually is. Additionally, if a company is going to declare that their product is the #1 brand, they should be prepared to back this up with hard evidence or clinical tests. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Libidron which, added to the fact that it is more expensive than many other male enhancement brands, makes it a product that cannot be fully recommended.

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