MagnaSex – Does MagnaSex Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 3/5.0MagnaSex – Does MagnaSex Work?
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Cheryl Powers

MagnaSex Overview

MagnaSex by Rejuvenation Laboratories is a magnetic chip that is claimed to cause firmer, more pleasurable erections without the need for pills. MagnaSex costs about $50 if purchased through the official product website, and this product is sold with a satisfaction guarantee. This satisfaction guarantee appears to be good for at least three full months at the moment. An increased rush of blow to the penile tissues is credited with providing the explanation for how MagnaSex delivers its promised erection-related benefits. Customer testimonials are featured on the official product website.

MagnaSex Product Details


According to the official product description, MagnaSex is a simple magnetic chip that that uses its magnetic energy to draw blood to dilated blood vessels in the penile tissues. No pills, crèmes, or devices are needed in addition to the MagnaSex magnetic chip, and putting this chip in your pocket is supposedly all that is needed for it to do its job. MagnaSex boasts of being simple, effective, and discreet-all with minimal negative side effects. Additionally, the effects of having the magnetic chip close to you for a short period of time are claimed to potentially last up to 13 hours. However, despite all of its claimed benefits, there are no clearly stated clinical trials featured on the official MagnaSex product website. Instead, user reviews/testimonials provide the only outside support for the statements made about MagnaSex.

Good About MagnaSex

  • No refills are ever needed.
  • MagnaSex is backed by a lengthy satisfaction guarantee.
  • No pills or crèmes are needed for this product.
  • Positive user reviews support the claims made about MagnaSex.

Bad About MagnaSex

  • MagnaSex’s claims are not backed by clinical evidence.
  • This chip is relatively expensive.

MagnaSex The Bottom Line

MagnaSex’s greatest selling point really is its satisfaction guarantee. There are no clinical studies cited to support the claimed benefits of MagnaSex, and user reviews featured by the manufacturer are the only “outside” evidence provided to support this product. MagnaSex certainly sounds like an appealing concept, but the science of it all definitely sounds a bit sketchy; the likelihood of a magnetic chip being able to redirect blood flow to cause increased circulation to the penile tissues seems doubtful. However, at the same time, the three month money-back satisfaction guarantee may be seen as a reason to at least give MagnaSex a try.

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  1. Mickey

    I’ve been consuming these Magna Sex enhancement pills for about 3 weeks and I’m experiencing my size to be a bit longer and thicker. Now I’m ready for the countdown.