Muscle X Edge – Does Muscle X Edge Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 3/5.0Muscle X Edge – Does Muscle X Edge Work?
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Cheryl Powers

Muscle X Edge Overview

Muscle X Edge is a product that is made specifically for men who want to support their bulk and improve sexual performance. The official Muscle X Edge website shows images of extreme athletes, and states that it is not to be used by the ‘casual dieter’. In fact, rather than being a weight loss supplement, Muscle X Edge appears to have the opposite effect and it should only be used by those who are involved in weight lifting. The manufacturer of the product claims that within weeks, the user can gain muscle strength, unleash ‘raging energy’ and experience ‘wicked pumps’.

Muscle X Edge is offered from the website at as 14-day risk free trial and after this time, is sent every month via an auto-shipping program at a cost of $69.95 if the order is not cancelled promptly. Additionally, the company does not accept any products for return or refund after 14 days.

Muscle X Edge Product Description

Muscle X Edge

Muscle X Edge is to be taken as a ‘pre-workout’ supplement, giving the user added energy to perform longer and harder, both in the gym and the bedroom. The full ingredient list is not provided but the key ingredients are listed. The formula is a blend of L-Arginine Keroisocaproate, which supports the availability of Nitric Oxide in the system, relaxing and widening the blood vessels for improved blood flow. Other ingredients listed are a muscle-building amino acid and which helps speed recovery time between exercise sessions. Although users should experience quick results, the company provides no clinical proof and there are no customer testimonials.

Good About Muscle X Edge

  • There is a 14-day risk free trial
  • Company contact information is provided
  • Key ingredients are listed
  • The ordering process is secure
  • A free work out guide is provided

Bad About Muscle X Edge

  • No customer testimonials are shown
  • Muscle X Edge is expensive
  • Not all ingredients are listed
  • No clinical studies are cited

Muscle X Edge The Bottom Line

The information provided for Muscle X Edge is too vague and incomplete for the product to be recommended. Although there are no side effects listed, often formulas such as this can cause some detrimental health issues and must only be used by intense athletes i.e. those who will burn off the excess energy. Even so, there are similar products on the market that perform in the same way, but are more affordable.

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  1. Sasha

    Hi! I’m 34 and into weight lifting from past 5 years. So, I tried Muscle-edge 14 days risk free trail. After 2 weeks, I can say that this product has increased my muscle mass & energy tremendously. Now working out in gym is even more fun.

  2. Patric

    This product is not for those who are not hitting the gym or perhaps are not consuming some other supplements. I have already been consuming this product for more than 2 years and it has done the job each and every time. I would suggest this product to my pals & family members who are seeking to enjoy a healthy sex life.

  3. Kevin

    I’m using Muscle X Edge from 10 months. It helps me in improving sexual performance. The formula is a blend of L-arginine keroisokaproate relaxing and widening blood vessels for improved blood flow. Certainly it’s a good product with secure ordering process but I’m not totally satisfied with it. I’m facing problems like headache, cold by using it. I can’t find it as much effective in solving problem of penis enlargement also its expensive too.

  4. James

    I’m using Muscle X Edge from last 8 months. It helps me to improve my sexual performance as well as in building muscles quite effectively. It is a natural supplement and good choice for a person who wants to use natural product. No doubt, its working is well but I’m not fully satisfied with its use as I experienced problems such as mild headache, illness, high blood pressure. As a result, I am now searching for another effective product.

  5. Mitchell

    After taking Muscle X Edge for 3 months, I’m pleasantly surprised with the results; it has increased my stamina and has fulfilled my hopes. The difference is more than noticeable to my wife even though sometimes it makes me feel dizzy.