Nan Bao – Does Nan Bao Work?

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Nan Bao Overview

Nan Bao is a blend of Chinese herbs that is designed to improve men’s sexual performance and overall health. The particular blend appears to be made and sold under a variety of different brand names, with Tianjin Lisheng being just one manufacturer. This company sell their Nan Bao product through several online retail stores most of which give reasonable amounts of information regarding the formula and its health effects.

According to this manufacturer, Nan Bao supports sexual vigour and nourishes certain organs such as the kidney and the spleen. It also improves the condition of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low sex drive. However, no customer testimonials are provided to back up these claims and there are very few independent reviews either.

Nan Bao Product Details

Nan Bao

The Chinese herbs used in Nan Bao are not likely to be familiar to many North American consumers, apart from Ginseng, Licorice and Cinnamon, and there is not much in the way of detailed explanations as to how they work. The herbs listed in the formula are Tong Kwai, Dodder seed fruit, Foxglove, Milk-vetch, Scuffy Pea Fruit, Epimedii, Fenugreek and Matrimony fruit. No ingredient amounts are shown and there is no clinical study to show the overall effectiveness of the product.

Nan Baoshould be taken at a dose of 2-3 capsules per day and is sold in packets of 20 for a cost of $5.95.

Good About Nan Bao

  • The product is all-natural
  • Nan Bao improves overall heath in men
  • The product is very affordable
  • Nan Bao is available in independent retail stores
  • All the ingredients are listed

Bad About Nan Bao

  • No scientific studies are shown
  • No customer testimonials are provided
  • Many of the ingredients are unfamiliar
  • No money back guarantee is provided
  • The product is only sold in packs of 20 capsules
  • The product may not be suitable for all consumers (particularly those with food sensitivities)

Nan Bao The Bottom Line

Although some consumers believe that Chinese medicine is more beneficial than North American treatments, most would want to know more about the ingredients before taking this product. However, because it is so reasonably priced, it certainly wouldn’t be a huge financial loss if it was found not to work as well as expected, although it should also be noted that the consumer may run the risk of being allergic to one of the lesser known ingredients.

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  1. Adem Aytekin

    I have ordered Nan Bao and got the delivery within a day. I have already done so much of research over the results for the product and when i got the product in my hands, i was unable to stop myself consuming that product. After taking that product i was feeling so much energetic with the feeling of performing sexual activity. With the result of the Nan Bao, i was happy but the more happy was my wife as because after so long we both were able to reach to the expectation of each other and we both were so satisfied with the sexual pleasure. I was having a long lasting erection with my wife reaching to the orgasms many times. This is Because of nan bao.Thanks Nan Bao.