Potencx – Does Potencx Work?

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Potencx Overview

The Potencx product is a male enhancement supplement that is designed to improve the sexual performance by creating longer, stronger and firmer erections, while simultaneously supporting the size of the penis. The manufacturer of the product is PureMeds, a company that hails from Spain, who claim that their ‘Drug strength’ formula is the ‘most effective and powerful, ever developed’. It is unfortunate that they fail to supply concrete proof of this in the form of scientific studies, despite the frequent mention of the numerous clinical trials that the brand has undergone.

The official Potencx website contains a good amount of information regarding the product, is user-friendly and contains customer testimonials and a FAQ section, standard on sites such as this. The product has a 30-day money back guarantee, the ordering process, which is directly from the company, is secure and Potencx is sent in discreet packaging. New customers are offered a free bottle of the supplement, although this does include enrolment into the company’s ‘recurring membership’ program, for which an undisclosed initial fee is charged.

Potencx Product Details


All Potencx ingredients are listed in detail on the company site and despite being a proprietary blend, all ingredient amounts are shown. The Potencx blend consists of natural herbal ingredients that help to improve the blood flow to the genital area by widening the blood vessels over time. It is this supported blood flow that causes the improved erections. Additionally, certain purported aphrodisiacs and energy-supporters are included, such as Dutch Cocoa, Damiana, Ashwaganda, Catuaba bark and Horny Goat Weed. Muira Puama aids in sexual dysfunction, Tribulus enhances Testosterone and L-Arginine improves the function of Nitric Oxide.

A section on how the formula works is shown, as are the statistics stating that in trials, Potencx supported performance in 96% of users and produced stronger orgasms in 97%.

Potencx is more expensive than many brands, costing $59.95 for a one month supply
(60 capsules). However, discounts are offered for multiple orders including 12 bottles at a cost of $349.00.

Good About Potencx

  • Potencx lists all ingredients
  • The product has a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Results should be seen within one month of use
  • The product website features customer testimonials and FAQ section
  • Discounts are given on larger orders
  • Potencx is all-natural
  • The ordering process is secure and private”

Bad About Potencx

  • No clinical studies are shown
  • Details are not given for the ‘membership’ fee
  • Complaints have been made against the manufacturer by independent consumers
  • Potencx is expensive

Potencx The Bottom Line

Potencx is very similar to many other male enhancement brands on the market, many of which are more affordable. It is an advantage that the potential customer can see exactly what is contained in the formula, although most would also like to see positive clinical studies to show that the product actually works as is claimed.

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