Red-Sex-Dragon – Does Red-Sex-Dragon Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 3/5.0Red-Sex-Dragon – Does Red-Sex-Dragon Work?
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Cheryl Powers

Red Sex Dragon Overview

Red Sex Dragon combines traditional herbal extracts that have been used for thousands of years by the Chinese to solve a host of sexual issues. It is produced in the USA by a company called DAO based in California.

Red Sex Dragon Product Details

Red Sex Dragon

Red Sex Dragon is an herbal formula based on principals of Chinese medicine to support testosterone production, refresh semen stores after ejaculation, enhance blood flow to the penis, enlarge and harden erections, support stamina, and trigger a support in sexual energy by activating the pineal gland. At the time of this review, the Red Sex Dragon product page redirected to a product called Eros Male Performance. It is not clear if this is a new name and/or formulation of Red Sex Dragon or a completely different product.

On Amazon and other online retailers, the ingredients in Red Sex Dragon are listed as Young Deer Horn, Lily Bulb, and Horny Goat Weed. It is not clear if this is a comprehensive list. Also unclear is how each of these substances functions within the formula. There are many reviews of Red Sex Dragon on Amazon, and a large majority of them are rather positive. In addition, DAO has earned very high marks as a vendor. Red Sex Dragon costs $45.00 for a package of 10 capsules. Users are advised to take one capsule, or two at most, about two hours prior to sexual activity. Red Sex Dragon achieves optimum results when one capsule is taken at the same time every day or alternating days on an empty stomach. Consumers should not drink cold beverages before or after sexual activity. Red Sex Dragon is not recommended for use while sick, tired, or under the influence of alcohol.

Good About Red Sex Dragon

  • Company contact information provided
  • Available from many online retailers
  • Positive product and company reviews
  • Multi-faceted approach
  • Seemingly based on ancient wisdom

Bad About Red Sex Dragon

  • Exact ingredients and amounts unclear
  • Confusion over website linking to another product
  • Can be very expensive if taken daily
  • No scientific evidence to support claims

Red Sex Dragon, The Bottom Line

The strength of Red Sex Dragon presence on Amazon is encouraging as to the validity of the product. However, it would be helpful if all the ingredients and their amounts were listed. It is not advisable for consumers to purchase or use products before knowing exactly what they contain. Additionally, for those who need to take Red Sex Dragon daily to see results, using it may become prohibitively expensive.

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