Rigi Cream – Does Rigi Cream Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 3/5.0Rigi Cream – Does Rigi Cream Work?
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Cheryl Powers

Rigi Cream Overview

Rigi Cream is a topical cream that is applied directly to the penis. It is said to have the ability to support penis size, improve turgidity (inflate) and enhance the male erection. The cream is manufactured in Malaysia and is presented on an informative and user friendly website. The site contains a section that explains the possible causes and symptoms of erectile dysfunction which can include illness, aging and stress. There are also a number of customer testimonials from satisfied customers and a secure ordering page. Rigi Cream is available in a 20gram size tube at a cost of $24.95 which is average for this type of product. However, larger orders receive discounted prices, for example an order of 6 tubes has a 30% discount.

There is no evidence to prove that the Rigi Cream formula works, but the consumer is shown a guide of what to expect from using the product which states that by the 18th day the penis will have gained up to 3”. The manufacturer also claims that the product works for 95% of men.

Rigi Cream Product Description

Rigi Cream

The key active ingredient in Rigi Cream, Leech oil, is designed to safely improve dilation in the body, a process where the blood vessels are widened to allow a better flow of blood, an important factor in the erection process. Tongkat Ali is used for its aphrodisiacal benefits while Tribulus helps to support the levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone responsible for stamina and virility. The cream is applied to the penis twice a day and absorbed through the skin via transdermal technology.

The exact amounts of the ingredients are not known nor are the other ingredients used in the cream, although it is likely to use a moisturizing ingredient for easy application and softness.

Good About Rigi Cream

  • It is affordable
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • The key ingredients are listed
  • The cream is fast-acting
  • It is all natural
  • Customer testimonials are provided

Bad About Rigi Cream

  • No scientific studies are cited
  • Company contact information is limited
  • There is no money back or satisfaction guarantee
  • Not all ingredients are listed

Rigi CreamThe Bottom Line

This cream may have some effect if it can actually widen the blood vessels and create an supported blood flow. However, there is no cream that can create permanent penis growth although an improved, stronger erection will provide a temporary enlargement.

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  1. Ron

    I’m using this product for 2 months, and I am not getting results now. Now I want my money back. I read review of this product online after purchasing it and now I think I did a mistake. I don’t know why I decided to get this product. But now I have to get a way to solve my problem.

  2. Dion

    Cool idea, the rigi cream, since i hate pills. Will it work quickly, i mean, like do you have to place the things on near sex otherwise you gotta wait a couple of days first? Had been observing MAxArouse and Gentaplex however i believe perhaps this is often cool, can do a trifle a lot of analysis though.