Rize 2 – Does Rize 2 Work?

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Cheryl Powers

Rize 2 Overview

The full name of Rize 2 is actually ‘Rize 2 The Occasion’, which sums up the purpose of the product. The herbal brand is marketed as the ‘most popular in the U.S.’, a claim which is made by many other brands of similar products, and has no statistical evidence as proof.

Rize 2 is primarily to be used as a sexual performance supporter and a non-Drug treatment for erectile dysfunction, a condition that tends to affect men as they age. Although there is no apparent official Rize 2 website, retailers carrying the product have some information, including a description of how the product works and the ingredients in the formula.

Rize 2 Product Details

Rize 2

Rize 2 consists of a blend of natural herbal extracts that are designed to not only strengthen the male erection, but also result in ‘extreme penis enlargement’. Of all the ingredients, only two are immediately familiar for their use in this type of product – L-Arginine and Maca. The former substance is particularly important in its ability to widen and enhance the blood vessels, allowing for greater blood flow to the penis. The remainder of the ingredients, for which no amounts are given, are Sarsparilla extract, Rhodiola Rosea and Dioscorea Villosa.

Rize 2 can be taken in two ways; one capsule approximately 20 minutes before sexual activity, or on a daily basis to benefit from the cumulative effects. After taking, the penis can remain erect for 24-48 hours and although the product is not said to have any side effects, customers have reported acid reflux, headaches and stomach ache.

Good About Rize 2

  • All ingredients are listed
  • Rize 2 contains L-Arginine
  • The product is long lasting
  • Customer testimonials are provided

Bad About Rize 2

  • No money back guarantee is given
  • There is no official website
  • Rize 2 can cause unpleasant side effects
  • The product is expensive
  • No scientific studies are shown
  • Rize 2 can interact with other medications

Rize 2 The Bottom Line

Not only is this product expensive, costing $47.98 for 12 capsules, but so many people have reported side effects that it is probably not worth the risk. Despite what the manufacturer claims, there is no evidence that it is the ‘most popular’ male enhancement product in the U.S., or that it actually makes the penis bigger over time.

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  1. Oscar

    I’ve been measuring my size every week. Within 2 weeks I could see a difference. After 2 months I’ve gained over 2 inches in length. It’s such a great feeling to know that now you can impress a woman in the bedroom. Thanks!

  2. Allen

    Rize 2 is a cheaper alternative compare to other prescribed erectile dysfunction meds. It has some Side-effects and the result is satisfactory.