Satibo – Does Satibo Work?

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Cheryl Powers

Satibo Overview

Satibo is a Chinese-made sexual performance product that is available worldwide. The official Satibo website is fairly informative but also unintentionally amusing due to the bad quality of the translation. However, the site does include a FAQ section, a list of ingredients and an explanation about how the formula works. Only one customer testimonials is shown and there are no clinical studies to back up the claims of the product’s abilities.

Very little is known about the manufacturer of Satibo and although the product can be ordered directly from the site, it is not known how secure the process is. There is contact address for the manufacturer but no mention of money back guarantee is made.

Satibo Product Details


Satibo is said to be a combination of tradition Chinese wisdom and modern science, and is primarily to be used to support the quality of the sex life for both men and women. The ingredients listed for the formula will likely be unfamiliar to many Western customers, and while the main ingredients are explained in more detail, none seem to really address the problems associated with erectile dysfunction or low libido. For example, Lily is used to treat ‘female complaints’ and insomnia, Licorice is used for conditions such as constipation and arthritis, while Chinese Yam is for the ‘function of bodily fluids’. The only beneficial ingredient it seems is Gorgon fruit which is used to support sexual ability and help premature ejaculation.

It is recommended that Satibo is taken at a dose of 2 capsules about one hour before sexual activity and it is assumed it does not need daily dosage. The product costs $115.00 for the minimum order of 5 boxes, although it is not known how many capsules each box contains.

Good About Satibo

  • The formula is 100% natural
  • No side effects have been reported
  • The product can be used by both sexes
  • The effects can last up to 12 hours
  • The website has a FAQ section
  • The main ingredients are listed

Bad About Satibo

  • Satibo contains obscure ingredients
  • The website is not professional
  • The amount of capsules per box is unknown
  • Only one testimonial is provided
  • There is no money back guarantee

Satibo The Bottom Line

There does not seem to be any reason for a consumer in North America to order this product from China, particularly when the ingredients are so unfamiliar, no money back guarantee is shown and there are many comparable brands widely available on the U.S. market.

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  1. Leonard Suskin

    Before consuming Satibo I use to find myself not able to fulfill the desired and expected result and due this i was going away from my sexual desireness, but with this capsule my sexual drive, stamina and overall ability has taken a U-turn and now i think i can enjoy my sexual desire with my girlfriend giving her a sexual pleasure also.