SinRex – Does SinRex Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 4/5.0SinRex – Does SinRex Work?
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Cheryl Powers

SinRex Overview

SinRex is a time-released male sexual enhancement pill that claims to also support penis size and sperm volume, support immunity and decrease the problem of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, by improving the quality of sexual performance, the user can expect to feel an support in confidence, both in and out of the bedroom.

Unlike some products that provide limited information, the SinRex website is almost too detailed, making it hard to navigate and confusing. However, it is appreciated that the manufacturers are willing to inform their potential customers so well and supply testimonials, doctor endorsements, product comparison charts and FAQ’s.

The SinRex formula has been clinically tested and the results are shown on the official website, including a chart to show the user what to expect when taking the product. Results are normally seen within 2-3 weeks but this varies depending on the general health of the user.

SinRex Product Details


The key active ingredients contained in SinRex are well-explained, although individual amounts are not disclosed. Most of the ingredients will be familiar to most consumers and are a blend of libido and circulation supporters, such as Copper Chelate, Cuscuta and Horny Goat Weed, plus L-Arginine which is an important factor in the synthesis of Nitric Oxide, Tribulus, Saw Palmetto, the tomato-extract Lycopene, Omega 3, soya bean oil and anti-oxidant Green Tea. The SinRex capsule also contains Bioperine, an important addition to any supplement for its function in ingredient absorption. While no negative side effects should occur, the manufacturer does point out that allergies may be a possibility.

SinRex is to be taken daily at a dose of 2 capsules per day, and a one month supply of the brand costs $39.95. Larger orders are offered at discounted prices and come with free bonus gifts, such as male enhancement cream and sex-related DVD’s.

Good About SinRex

  • The SinRex website is extremely detailed
  • The key ingredients are explained well
  • Free bonus gifts are provide
  • The product has a 90-day money back guarantee
  • Clinical results are provide
  • Full company contact details are supplied
  • The customer service center operates 24/7

Bad About SinRex

  • The website is not user-friendly
  • No ingredient amounts are provided
  • The customer testimonials are too brief

SinRex The Bottom Line

Full marks must be given to the SinRex company for their efforts in providing prospective consumers with detailed information regarding their product. Although the SinRex formula is not particularly unique and can be found in many similar brands it is one of the few to also provide real clinical results and proof of positive results. In addition to this, the 90-day money back guarantee is very generous and there does not appear to be any strings attached to the order, such as enrolment into an auto-billing program.
Overall, SinRex would certainly be a recommended brand for any man wishing to enhance his sexual performance.

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  1. Nathaniel

    I have been using Sinrex from last three months. This product has increased my size but my sperm count is still the same. This product took a long time to show the results. I was expecting an increase in my sperm count which I didn’t happen even after 3 months.

  2. Mason

    I’m using Sinrex from 8 weeks. It boosts penis size, supports immunity but I had noticed that sinrex is not so effective to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.

  3. Alex

    I’m using Sinrex from 8 weeks. It boosts penis size, supports immunity but I noticed that sinrex is not so effective to solve a problem of erectile dysfunction.

  4. Rhys

    Not that great. I’ve used a month’s supply and took them every day. While I was taking them I felt hornier and my cock looked bigger when erected. But when I stopped taking them, it went back to normal.

  5. Williams

    I’ve tried a lot of similar products but didn’t have the results like Sinrex. Thanks!