SizeTrac – Does SizeTrac Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 3/5.0SizeTrac – Does SizeTrac Work?
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Cheryl Powers

SizeTrac Overview

SizeTrac is a penis enlargement system that uses traction to permanently enlarge the penis and correct curvatures. Maximum length gains are roughly 2.75 inches. The device can correct serious curvatures (up to 40 percent) and may also be used to prevent penis shortening that can occur after surgery.

SizeTrac is backed by a guarantee. Users need to use the device for six months before requesting a refund. A basic package is $249, while a deluxe package is $299.

SizeTrac Product Details


The SizeTrac device is placed over the penis. The larger, firmer ring is fitted around the base and the more flexible, silicone one is attached to the head. Then, the side bars are used to apply between 1.5 to 3.5 pounds of tension. The device is worn between two to eight hours a day until the desired results are achieved.

Good About SizeTrac

  • supports in penis length are permanent
  • SizeTrac can be used to support penis length, correct curvatures, and prevent penis shortening that can occur after some surgeries
  • SizeTrac is backed by a satisfaction guarantee
  • Individual replacement parts can be purchased from the SizeTrac site

Bad About SizeTrac

  • SizeTrac must be used for a significant length of time
  • Users must remove the device if they get an erection while wearing SizeTrac
  • SizeTrac does not address other sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction
  • A protective device should be worn if SizeTrac is used at night

SizeTrac The Bottom Line

The SizeTrac extender is recommended by doctors in numerous countries and the traction method of penis enlargement has been proven effective through clinical studies. Maximum gains require prolonged use, however, so men must be sure they are willing to invest the time necessary to achieve results.

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  1. Aidyn

    What I can conclude from this review is you could get as, 2.75 inches greater with Sizetrac. Assume to be permanent too, which sounds really good as well as decent. Appears to be a touch uncomfortable, however, isn’t it? I’m desperate to know how everyone feels about this.

  2. Hayden

    I was planning for penile enlargement surgery, but after getting complete information about the surgery procedure, I was scared and denied to go for it. Then after that I tried penis enlargement pills which work, but for a short period. Then I finally decided to go for devices & extenders, I read about sizetrac online and after reading this review. I decided to buy it to increase my size. Now after using it for 4 months, I am happy with it. It is really good and moreover it comes with money back guarantee too.

  3. Joseph

    The commercial is ridiculous, however it makes me interested in sizetrac. Will it work? If yes, how long till you see a growth?

  4. Rafael

    The info I get after browse within the review is; you’ll get like two inches larger with SizeTrac. Suppose to be permanent too, that is pretty nice. Looks a little uncomfortable though. Curious to know, how you all feel concerning this?

  5. Aiden

    I’m using Sizetrac from last 10 weeks. It helps to enhance better circulation, physical expectance performance, endurance and memory. But I’m not totally satisfied with its use. I can’t find effective result as I expected as it causes sickness. After taking it I also experienced blood pressure problem. So I’m looking for an effective and safe remedy.

  6. Antonio

    Sizetrac has helped me a lot in the bedroom it’s a great product to use if you want to increase your sexual stamina and prevent early ejaculation. I can stay hard for a long time now and that gives me a lot of confidence in my sexual performance.

  7. Richard

    I have been using SizeTrac for past 3 months and have experienced a change comparatively. I had tried numerous products over past 1 year but of no use. Hopefully this does not give me any side effects.