SomaErect – Does SomaErect Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 3/5.0SomaErect – Does SomaErect Work?
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Cheryl Powers

SomaErect Overview

SomaErect is the name of two vacuum therapy systems for men who have erectile dysfunction. Vacuum therapy involves exerting pressure on the penis, which draws blood into the tissues and leads to an erection. Tension rings are then typically placed over the base of the penis to allow the user to maintain the erection during intercourse.

The two SomaErect systems are covered by a lifetime warranty. The systems must be prescribed by a physician. Prices are not listed, but the systems are often covered by Medicare and private insurance companies.

SomaErect Product Details


The two SomaErect vacuum therapy systems are the Touch II and the Response II. The first is battery operated while the second is controlled by hand. Components included with both systems include: an instructional video, tension systems, a pressure pump, and a cylinder made of medical plastic.

Good About SomaErect

  • The SomaErect vacuum therapy systems are approved by the FDA
  • The cost of the systems may be covered by Medicare or other health insurance providers
  • The manufacturer states the SomaErect systems are 98 percent effective
  • Vacuum therapy is less invasive and less risky than surgery

Bad About SomaErect

  • The SomaErect systems must be ordered by a physician
  • Vacuum therapy is only a temporary solution for erectile dysfunction
  • Some men might find using the systems awkward or embarrassing
  • It is not clear how much a SomaErect system costs if an individual is not insured

SomaErect The Bottom Line

For many men, the idea of using a vacuum pump may be less appealing than taking a pill or a supplement to deal with erectile dysfunction. Vacuum therapy systems, however, are FDA-approved devices that can help the majority of men who have trouble achieving erections for various reasons.

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  1. Leon H

    Wow this pump has given me my confidence back. I have tried all the oral medication with bad side effects. The SOMAerect Response II has paid for itself in just over a month. I feel like I am back to my youth with the results of this pump. Also the 24/7 customer service is second to non.

  2. James Woolley

    Great product! It has given our sex life a new beginning. Thanks.