Stiff Nights – Does Stiff Nights Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 3/5.0Stiff Nights – Does Stiff Nights Work?
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Cheryl Powers

Stiff Nights Overview

Stiff Nights is a brand of male sexual performance enhancer that is designed to work in a similar way as Viagra. The sexual stimulant helps produce stronger, harder and longer lasting erections and is said to be completely natural and safe to use. The product is sold on the Stiff Nights website which offers a free sample and an auto-shipping service. The cost of Stiff Nights, which is only written in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section of the site and can be hard to find, is $29.95 for a 6 capsule packet and there does not appear to be any form of money back guarantee.

There are several customer testimonials on the website and a very comprehensive FAQ section, but information about the manufacturer is limited.

Stiff Nights Product Description

Stiff Nights

Stiff Nights is a blend of herbs, mushrooms and greens, according to the product information. While all the ingredients are listed, none are explained in detail and unfortunately, many of them are not very familiar. Among the more active and well-known ingredients are L-Arginine, Dandelion, Cayenne, Alfalfa, Wheat Grass, Spirulina and Tongkat Ali. The L-Arginine in the blend has the effect of supporting the flow of blood to the penile chamber, which isvital in achieving an erection.

Like Drug erectile dysfunction medications, Stiff Nights should be taken only before sexual activity and is said to take effect within 1-2 hours. Customers are advised to seek medical help if their erection lasts for more than 4 hours.

Good About Stiff Nights

  • There are free samples available
  • The formula is 100% natural
  • Stiff Nights contains L-Arginine
  • Customer testimonials are provided
  • All ingredients are listed

Bad About Stiff Nights

  • There is an FDA warning about Stiff Nights
  • Ingredients are not explained in detail
  • No clinical study trials are cited
  • Stiff Nights is expensive

Stiff Nights the Bottom Line

It is unlikely that Stiff Nights is readily available in North America due to the fact that there has been a warning issued about the safety of the formula. With so many other ‘Viagra’ alternatives on the market, it would be more advisable to purchase a better known brand that has a good money back guarantee.

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  1. Zachary

    OK, however, I’m unsure concerning Stiff nights ingredients, like where is the horny goat weed? A number of these ingredients, i barely even heard of.

  2. Ricky

    I was looking out for a male enhancement product as I wanted to improve my sexual life. After reviewing certain products I tried Stiff Nights, because it was offering free samples. After using it for a couple of months, I experienced that this product improved my sexual performance. But it gave me side effects like dizziness & stomach ache.

  3. Seth

    I have been trying many products for sexual enhancement to stay long during sexual activity. This product is completely natural and a free trial is also available. So I am definitely going to give a try to Stiff Nights.

  4. Christopher

    I took them for a couple of months but not long enough to see any gains in length. But, I certainly noticed a difference in the hardness of my erections and my ability to last longer, even my wife have noticed that.

  5. Ruben

    I’m 61yrs old athletic male diagnosed with hypogonadism, i.e. weight and strength loss, low libido, depression and fatigue. After 4 months, everything was back to normal; strength gains verified by weightlifting are up to 20-30%. Only side effect has been significant hair growth in odd areas.