Stud 100 – Does Stud 100 Work?

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Cheryl Powers

Stud 100 Overview

Stud 100 is a product that is made for men who wish to delay their orgasm, thereby satisfying both partners during sexual activity. It is manufactured in the U.K. where it has been clinically tested and approved for use. According to the manufacturer, in tests 94% of men said it did prolong their activity. Stud 100 can be purchased over the internet through adult sex product retailers and costs $19.95 per tube. The shipping is discreet and private and the ordering process is secure but unfortunately all sales are final so there are no money back guarantees provided.

The product site does include a lengthy FAQ section but no customer testimonials or reviews.

Stud 100 Product Details

Stud 100

Stud 100 works by desensitizing the penis using a mild anaesthetic called Lidocain. This is a non-toxic, odorless substance that is listed as the main active ingredient in the formula and although no other ingredients are mentioned, the spray likely includes some type of lubricant or skin conditioner.

Stud 100 is applied 5-15 minutes before sexual activity using 3-8 sprays and one tube should last approximately 120 sprays. While the spray is fast acting, it does not state how long the effects last.

Good About Stud 100

  • Stud 100 is non toxic and shouldn’t cause side effects
  • The product is easy to apply
  • Stud 100 is affordable
  • The FAQ section is informative
  • The product can be purchased securely online
  • The product has been clinically tested

Bad About Stud 100

  • The product website is not professional in appearance
  • No product returns are accepted
  • The full ingredient list is not shown
  • Stud 100 may cause a rash in some users
  • Stud 100 will not help with erectile dysfunction

Stud 100 The Bottom Line

There is good reason to believe that a desensitizing spray such as Stud 100 will help delay ejaculation, although most men will not enjoy have the sensation dulled in this way. If anything, Stud 100 should be viewed more as a novelty item that may add some pleasure to a couple’s intimacy.

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  1. Clary

    I was looking out for a product that would prolong my performance to some extent. So, I tried Stud-100, as it prolongs a man’s sexual performance. After few weeks, I started feeling irritation in my penile region and that caused rashes on my penis though it has prolonged my performance, but the irritation was unbearable.

  2. Mac

    This stuff is awesome man!!!! . You have to experiment in the beginning to determine when you need to apply, to me around 20 minutes just before getting hard. When I apply once I’m hard it doesn’t work at all. Allow it dried out for those 20 minutes. Also needs to determine how many squirts. For me personally 3-4 after which I use my finger to massage it around whole shaft and head. I used to blow after 4 to 5 thrusts, nowadays I have to work on till the end!

  3. Jonathan

    It is a good stuff. You just have to use it sensibly. It’s reasonably cheap and easy to conceal. The only thing is that you have to prepare yourself in advance.

  4. Lawrence

    The product works and it really helps. However, the fact that it has a drawback from the Swiss market due to its ingredients which can be harmful thus makes it a complete no-no product for me.

  5. Harold

    Didn’t like this product. It caused burning as well as stinging later on for me and my wife.

  6. Stephen

    It is such a great product to use and although it doesn’t feel quite like normal sex does, my boyfriend lasts a lot longer now which is fantastic.