Superior Velvet – Does Superior Velvet Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 2/5.0Superior Velvet – Does Superior Velvet Work?
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Cheryl Powers

Superior Velvet Overview

Superior Velvet is presented as being a sexual performance enhancer that can be used by both men and women alike. Unlike most other such supplements, Superior Velvet utilizes deer velvet antler as its primary active ingredient. Deer velvet antler is believed to be a natural tonic effective for boosting the immune system and supporting healthy sexual performance, among other benefits. Superior Velvet is promoted and sold through its official product webpage for about $35 per one month’s supply.

Superior Velvet Product Details

Superior Velvet

As its name suggests, Superior Velvet’s key active ingredient is deer velvet antler powder. This powder has been used in traditional Asian medicines for many years. Superior Velvet’s formula also includes several ingredients that are more commonly used in sexual performance products; such ingredients include ginseng, gingko biloba, Eurycoma longifolia, and Cnidium. In addition to supported and enhancing sexual performance abilities, Superior Velvet is also claimed to boost overall energy levels, support the functions of a healthy immune system, and provide rapid relief from joint pain. This supplement is also presented as being a way to improve overall heart health.

While the company behind Superior Velvet makes fairly substantial claims about the efficacy of their product, customer testimonials to provide unbiased support for these claims are not listed on the official Superior Velvet website. Additionally, while key active ingredients are stated, a complete list of ingredients disclosing the entire Superior Velvet formula does not appear to be featured on the website.

Good About Superior Velvet

  • This is an averagely priced performance enhancement supplement.
  • Superior Velvet is said to improve performance in both men and women alike.
  • Key active ingredients are listed on the product’s website.
  • Secure online ordering is an option, and all such purchases are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Multiple health benefits are claimed to be made possible through the use of this supplement.

Bad About Superior Velvet

  • Details regarding clinical studies are not provided on the official Superior Velvet product website.
  • A comprehensive list of ingredients is not featured online.
  • No user testimonials are featured for Superior Velvet.

Superior Velvet The Bottom Line

While at first glance the pros of Superior Velvet seem to outweigh the cons, a closer look at the details seems to actually indicate the opposite. Not enough information about Superior Velvet is provided online; a satisfaction guarantee cannot make up for the lack of a complete list of ingredients and clinical studies. Because of these issues. Superior Velvet cannot be recommended as being an ideal performance enhancer supplement.

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  1. Cheryl Powers

    Hello Ryan, Superior Velvet is really effective, It has several ingredients and its primary ingredient is deer velvet antler which has superior functionality.

    The ingredients are as follows

    Ginkgo – Improves blood circulation

    Deer Velvet Antler – It improves strength also work as aphrodisiac

    Cnidium – Help to improve sexual potency and natural libido booster. These are some of its ingredients which I read and experienced their effect after usage. It really improves stamina.

    The best part is that it doesn’t have any side effects. As much customer testimonials are not available for this product. But It is really good and easy to use product.

  2. Ryan

    My wife is not happy with my performance in bed. I’m planning to get superior velvet. But how does it work? does it really help to improve performance & stamina. Please tell me anyone

  3. Porter

    Been reading about superior Velvet for a while as a health supplement. Had no idea it was good for arousal too. Might be the thing that makes me get something finally.