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Tentex Royal Overview

Tentex Royal is a product designed to improve the male erection and, according to the official website ‘correct’ erectile dysfunction. It is made by a company called Himalayan Healthcare which produces a wide range of health and wellness supplements and has them all available to purchase from their site. The company appears to be well-established and reputable and provides background details, has a general FAQ section and shows several customer testimonials. The ordering process is secure and Tentex Royal costs $25.00 for a one month supply.

Tentex Royal Product Description

Tentex Royal

The ingredient information for Tentex Royal is fairly limited and it seems only the key ingredients are provided, although they are well explained. The overall effect of Tentex Royal is to relax the Cavernosal muscle, allowing for an improved and support volume of blood flow to the penis. It is this effect that results in a firmer, stronger erection. There is no information as to how long the results last or additional dosage information.

Among the key ingredients contained in the formula are substances such as Kokilaksha, Vathada, Sunishannaka and Kumkuma. These will likely not be overly familiar to many North American consumers, but they can be assured that they are all safe for general use and will not cause harmful side effects.

Good About Tentex Royal

  • Himalayan Healthcare is an established company
  • Key ingredients are listed
  • The product is affordable
  • Research papers and clinical studies are provided
  • The ordering process is secure

Bad About Tentex Royal

  • The full ingredient list is not provided
  • Company contact information is limited
  • Ingredient amounts are not shown
  • There is no money back guarantee

Tentex Royal the Bottom Line

Unlike some male enhancement products, Tentex Royal appears to be a reputable product that is available at a reasonable price. Even though it contains unfamiliar ingredients, the fact that it works safely and effectively should make most consumers confident in their purchase.

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