Testofen – Does Testofen Work?

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Cheryl Powers

Testofen Overview

Testofen is a trademarked substance manufactured by Gencor Pacific. It can be purchased alone, or as part of a complete formula. Most of the products that contain Testofen are designed for men who wish to support their athleticism and sexual performance and vary a lot in price. One particular brand of Testofen, available via internet, costs $14.99 per bottle, whereas another product that contains the ingredient is $49.99. Again, money back guarantees and quantities will vary depending on the brand and manufacturer.

Testofen has been clinically tested and proved successful in supporting healthy levels of Testosterone, the male sex hormone, which, while abundant in younger men, decreases in production with age. By balancing and supporting these levels, the individual can regain their virility and sexual desire, while also supporting muscle mass and improving fat burning during exercise.

Testofen Product Description


Testofen is comprised of Fenugreek extract, a potent botanical that contains hundreds of phytochemicals. Also known as Fenuside saponins, it is these phytochemicals that are responsible for having an effect on Testosterone as well as several other health benefits, including supporting a healthy immune system. Amounts of Testofen contained in different formulas vary but it is generally thought that 300mg is a beneficial amount.

Good About Testofen

  • The substance has been clinically tested
  • It is available in several different brands
  • It has a number of health benefits
  • Testofen supports healthy testosterone levels
  • It is a natural ingredient

Bad About Testofen

  • The amount of Testofen may vary according to the manufacturer
  • Some Testofen products are expensive
  • No customer testimonials are shown

Testofen the Bottom Line

Judging by the positive clinical tests, Testofen would be a good addition to any male enhancement product. While it may help support sexual desire, stamina and performance, it should not be relied upon to treat erectile dysfunction, rather as an overall wellness supplement.

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  1. Fletcher

    I tried testofen, as I wanted to increase my testosterone levels. This one has worked for me and now I can say that it has improved my sexual health tremendously. Within few weeks, I got what I wanted. Thanks!

  2. Anna

    My husband is consuming Testofen for more than 4 months and over the past 30 days he is consuming 2-3 pills per day. He has shed over 15pounds during the past three months, He has also asked me for a separation. Because I realize our life isn’t ideal. I had moreover said to him this past month, “are you out of your mind?” Just today I realized that the male enhancement pill may have possibly changed his mind and thoughts somehow. Is that possible?

  3. Conner

    Hi I’m Conner; I started feeling that may be I was facing the problem of low testosterone level but I don’t want to get trapped by this problem. Then I heard about this product but after reading the reviews I was satisfied with its performance but confused due to drastic variation in price of the packages.

  4. King Dave

    Hello, This is King and I’m 40years old, was facing the problems like low sex libido, lower sex drive, bad erection as i cross the age of 35 years. I want you to that; i don’t have any symptoms of these problems during 20′s. I was an active sport man during my college days, and have a great control over the ground as well as in bed. Girls use to have a fight for me, and i enjoy all those days of my life.
    Then i got settled in my life and marry with the most beautiful lady of my life. Initially our marriage and our enjoyment was in its peak and we enjoyed every moment of our marital relationship, on the bed and off the bed also. But as i cross the age of 33, i stared facing the problems of sexual disorders and started to lower increase in sex, this is not at all acceptable for me, but it is the bitter truth of my life. Then my partner also experience the difference in my performance, but she never complaint me at all, but i can feel the difference.
    Ultimately we talked about my this problem, because we both don’t want this problem to affect our relationship at all, and then we decided to share our thought and what we expect from each other in this relationship, this discussion is proved very beneficial, and then we decided that i will use best male enhancement supplement, to overcome from all these problems. Now it is the time when i encounter with “Testofen”.
    I used it for around 3 months and have experienced the changes in my body, in my life and most importantly a dynamic change in my partner behavior for me, she started loving me more as we did in our past. I am not saying that it is the only and the best natural male enhancement supplement, but it did work for me, and I’m very grateful to it.
    Thank You Testofen for bringing my past life back!!!!

  5. Jack

    I am seriously considering Testofen and will give it a try. However I’m worried, after using Testofen if I got a problem like itching in the penile region. As I have read it in some of the Testofen reviews.

  6. Jones

    As one or many men who were in a position to try out Testofen during the course of the pre-launch phase, I would really like to share my good results along with you. In past times, I have used Vigrx Plus and also Vimax which gave me minimal results. Although both of them products provided me a better erection, I still had a hard time with hardness or rigidity. Ultimately, I got difficulty in penetrating because of an absence of hardness. But it was not with Testofen as i got the quick results.

  7. Anonymous

    I have heard about the effects of Testofen. It is really good and also it helps to boost male enhancement. There are numerious male products in the market,Testofen is one of them. First you read Testofen review and use it for your better sex life.