Testro-V – Does Testro-V Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 2.5/5.0Testro-V – Does Testro-V Work?
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Cheryl Powers

Testro-V Overview

Testro-V is a product that is manufactured by the company Nubeau. This manufacturer makes a number of different health supplements for men and women, but Testro-V focusses mainly on improving the male sexual performance. Its designed to help the male produce more Nitric Oxide which in turn enables the user to achieve a stronger and more sustainable erection. The Testro-V product page featured on the Nubeau website is very professional and simply designed and contains all the relevant details about the product.

Testro-V is sold online and costs $29.95 per bottle. While this is not as expensive as some brands of male sexual supplement, it should be noted that one bottle only lasts 20 days, rather than a full month. All Nubeau products have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Testro-V Product Details


Testro-V is comprised of high quality, all-natural ingredients which are all listed on the product page. It contains two amino acids including L-Arginine which is vital in the Nitric Oxide production process. It is this action that helps the blood vessels leading to the penis become relaxed and wider, thus allowing a greater amount of blood into the penile chambers upon arousal. Also in the formula is Tribulus Terrestris, a key ingredient in the production of the male sex hormone Testosterone, Deer Antler, thought to be good for male virility, Cayenne, for stimulating the circulatory system, Ginseng, to improve sexual energy, and Maca, a ‘super-food’ to boost overall well-being. In addition to having an effect on the erection, Testro-V is said to improve mood and libido and also decrease body fat.

Unlike some products which are taken just prior to sexual activity, Testro-V is taken on a daily basis and should increase in potency over time, although there is no indication as to how soon results can be expected.

Good About Testro-V

  • All manufacturer contact information is provided
  • Testro-V contains L-Arginine
  • Nubeau offers a 30-day money back guarantee
  • The product is doctor-formulated
  • The Testro-V website is professional and user-friendly

Bad About Testro-V

  • No scientific test results are shown
  • One bottle lasts less than a month
  • No customer testimonials are provided
  • Testro-V is only available online

Testro-V The Bottom Line

It is encouraging that the main active ingredient in Testro-V is L-Arginine as this is an integral component in any good erection improvement product. Apart from this however, there is nothing that appears to make Testro-V superior to other brands of sexual performance brand currently on the market. It should be noted too that, in terms of energy and body fat, the manufacturer does recommend that the user follows a diet and exercise program for best results and it may not work to its full potential without this.

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  1. Evans

    I was initially hoping to get some decent growth in my natural hormones from Testro V, as I had read the label with claims and was very hopeful. Well…….to my surprise, well not really I guess, the product did nothing for my muscle increase, strength, energy and libido….nothing at all. I followed the directions exactly as prescribed and still was waiting day after day for something to happen. I would no longer waste my time or money with these gimmicks. I hope nobody else is fooled as well like me.

  2. Drake

    I have earlier used an Age-Defying product by Nubeau and it worked perfect for me. Now a testosterone boosting product by Nubeau might work as well. I will surely give it a try as it comes with a 30 days money back guarantee. There’s nothing to lose, man!!!!!

    1. Hunter

      Hey Drake, have you really used that Age-Defying product by Nubeau? In how many days you noticed the results? Was there any side effects or symptoms after using that product? I wanna give it a try, but I would like to know some personal opinion from pals, who have used it.

  3. Manuel

    Incredible! My aggregate testosterone headed off from 235 to 820 in five months. I now workout daily and run normally. I am 52 years old and feel like I did at the age of 20’s. My sex drive has experienced the top and my wife says I’m “NEW” man.