Ultimate Male Energy – Does Ultimate Male Energy Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 3/5.0Ultimate Male Energy – Does Ultimate Male Energy Work?
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Cheryl Powers

Ultimate Male Energy Overview

Ultimate Male Energy pills are meant to do more than just, like the name implies, provide an energy support—its main claim is to improve testosterone production and at the same time, eliminate unwanted body fat, particularly the stomach area. Its powerful formula aims to build stronger muscle tissue, improve various bodily functions, convert cancer-promoting female dominant chemicals, and facilitate better sexual health.
Ultimate Male Energy is created and developed by Brad King, MS, MFS, renowned nutritional expert whose best-selling books include 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before…Losing Fat 4 Life, Beer Belly Blues: What Every Aging Man And The Women In His Life Need To Know, and Awaken Your Metabolism: Your Ultimate Guide to Abundant Energy.

Ultimate Male Energy Product Details

Ultimate Male Energy

Ultimate Male Energy is featured on King’s personal website, along with other products that he has developed through the years as a qualified nutrition and health expert. It clearly outlines the many benefits to expect from using the product. Ingredients include Citrus Bioflavonoids, Chrysin Flower, Turmeric Root, Quercetin, Indole-3-Carbinol, Holy Basil Leaf, Milk Thistle Extract, Broccoli Floret and Stalk, and Black Pepper Extract. Though the product page has a list of amounts per serving of ingredient for every 2-capsule dosage, there are no explanations provided as to what each ingredient’s purpose is.

A bottle of 60 capsules of Ultimate Male Energy is priced at $27.97, and a new larger sized bottle of 120 capsules costs $49.95. Recommended dosage is 2-4 capsules once or twice a day or as directed by a qualified health professional.

Good About Ultimate Male Energy

  • Improves testosterone levels while eliminating unwanted body fat
  • Produces stronger muscle tissue
  • Affordable, considering the dosage
  • Product does not contain dairy, artificial colors, sugars or additives
  • The purchasing form’s safety is McAffee Security-certified

Bad About Ultimate Male Energy

  • There is not enough information about the product’s ingredients available on the website
  • There are no clinical studies that prove product’s quality and effectiveness available for review
  • The product cites a person for developing and manufacturing, not a company or a licensed medicinal facility
  • There are no testimonials available on the product page

Ultimate Male Energy The Bottom Line

When you visit Brad King’s website, you might be impressed by his many successes related to his nutritional expertise. He’s the author of several best-sellers. He’s been featured on all forms of media. However, his products that supposedly promote various forms of health regeneration—and Ultimate Male Energy is one of them—lack in necessary information. His product pages do list the ingredients, but fail to describe how each one works at achieving the promised outcome. For people who want more than just taking some self-proclaimed health expert’s word for it, you might be better off focusing on other similar products that provide extensive information backed up by actual scientific research.

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  1. Jeremy

    On this product for past few weeks and can feel the energy in the gym and recovery time cut down to half. I can sleep much better and can feel that its working within me to provide Ultimate Energy.

  2. Juan

    I tried out a few other more costly brands of testosterone boosters and got zero results……. I just grabbed the Ultimate Male Energy for just $30 so I’ll give it a try and re-post my feedback with a review on how effectively it worked.

    1. Roman

      Hey Juan, I’ll desperately wait for your review, coz I’m looking ahead for some pre and post workout supplements and it looks as if Ultimate Male Energy might be the one I was waiting for. Do let me know that does it actually improve testosterone levels? Does it also improve the recovery time?

  3. Michael

    So, is that the ultimate Male energy for older guys, as a result of that, wherever I’m and I’m reasonably bored, with observing things that name lifting and shredding and testosterone booster, simply wish to be, wherever I ought to be, for a bloke my age, still virile, however not driven…comes with age guys.

  4. Ryder

    Wish I’d found this ultiamte Male energy formula a short while back, perhaps my impotency wouldn’t have gotten so unhealthy, currently I don’t grasp if something can work except perhaps Virectin.

  5. James

    Hi! I’m 43! With the increasing age I had lost desire for sex.This made my sex life a complete mess. My wife was really disappointed with my performance. I tried Ultimate male energy and it improved my testosterone levels but I was unable to maintain an erection for long, so I increased the dosage which later on gave me side effects.

    1. Micah

      Hey James, what sort of side-effects you got? I’m on this Ultimate Male Energy for past couple of months and getting some good results. I didn’t get a single side effect till now, but who knows, it might be knocking my door anytime.