VasoRect – Does VasoRect Work?

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VasoRect Overview

VasoRect is a natural product that is available in an original, ultra and women’s formula. It is manufactured by Real Health Laboratories’, a company that has been producing a variety of health and wellness supplements since 1994. The company website is very comprehensive and provides background information, health articles and guarantee details. All their products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and can be returned within 90 days.

The VasoRect product page contains a reasonable amount of information that includes an overview of how the product works and what causes erectile dysfunction in men. It is available to purchase through retail stores or from the company’s secure ordering page where it costs $24.99 for a 20-day supply. Although all the manufacturer’s products are tested for quality, they do not provide details of formula test results.

VasoRect Product Details


The VasoRect formula is very simple, consisting of two active ingredients; L-Arginine and Calcium. L-Arginine is vital to the treatment of erectile dysfunction as it is directly responsible for the production and availability of Nitric Oxide, which helps dilate the blood vessels, supporting the flow of blood to the penis. This enables a man to achieve a faster, harder and longer lasting erection, a function that often declines with age. The addition of Calcium is to help enhance the L-Arginine.

The dose for VasoRect is for 2 capsules to be taken twice daily. Although there are no side effects reported, it is not advised that it is taken by anyone with high blood pressure or who is currently taking erectile dysfunction medication.

Good About VasoRect

  • VasoRect is a non-Drug alternative to Viagra
  • It is very affordable
  • The formula is based on L-Arginine
  • The product is stimulant-free
  • It is available in retail stores
  • Manufacturer details are provided
  • Ingredients are listed with amounts
  • A 90-day money back guarantee is available

Bad About VasoRect

  • No clinical studies are shown
  • No customer testimonials are available
  • The product can take up to 90 days to reach optimal results
  • VasoRect contains no libido-supporting ingredients

VasoRect The Bottom Line

VasoRect is a very simple product from a reputable company and is also more affordable than similar products. Even though there is a lack of evidence to prove it works, it would certainly be a good product for men to try, particularly given the generous money back gurantee.

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