Vigomax – Does Vigomax Work?

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Cheryl Powers

Vigomax Overview

Vigomax is a non-Drug supplement that is for men who have experienced a decline in their libido and sexual desire. It is manufactured in India by the company Charak, who produce a line of supplements based upon traditional Ayurvedic medicine. There is information about Vigomax on the Charak website, plus details regarding the company background. Full contact details are also shown. However, there is no mention of any money back guarantees for their products and no customer testimonials or FAQ’s are shown.

Vigomax can also be purchased from several online retailers and costs $29.50 for two packs each containing 30 capsules. Most retailers off discounts for multiple orders and likely have their own returns policy.

Vigomax Product Details


The ingredients listed for Vigomax contain a mix of familiar male enhancement substances such as Tribulus and Mucuna Pruriens, plus some Indian herbal remedies that include Ashwagandha, Erandmula and Kawanch Beej. Unfortunately there is no detailed explanation offered as to what each ingredient does, although they are mainly aphrodisiacs. Tribulus is often used to support testosterone levels in the body and the product may also help support the blood flow to the penis, which helps the user achieve an erection.

One capsule taken with milk is required daily and the manufacturer also recommends that dairy consumption is supported while tobacco, alcohol and sour foods are avoided.

Good About Vigomax

  • The formula is based on traditional medicines
  • Manufacturer information is provided
  • Vigomax can be purchased at independent retailers
  • The formula does not produce harmful side effects
  • Vigomax is affordable
  • All ingredients are listed

Bad About Vigomax

  • The ingredients are not explained in detail
  • No money back guarantees are provided
  • Product information is limited
  • No customer testimonials are given
  • No scientific tests are shown

Vigomax The Bottom Line

Anyone with an interest in Eastern medicine would likely be willing to try a product such as Vigomax, although to many, the long list of unusual ingredients may be a deterrent. Despite the fact that Vigomax is relatively inexpensive, there is no evidence to show that it produces successful results and no money back guarantees either.

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