Vigorex – Does Vigorex Work?

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Vigorex Overview

Vigorex is a natural herbal aphrodisiac that enriches the sex life of both men and women by supporting sexual desire first and then the strength and duration of orgasm. It is also suggested for issues with sexual dysfunction, namely frigidity and impotence. Vigorex is manufactured by Shairwest Health and Nutritional Supplements, a company which makes many other health products.

Vigorex Details


Vigorex naturally works as an aphrodisiac for both women and men. Studies have proven that men report Vigorex helping them to have extended love making, improved stamina, support in libido and in sexual satisfaction, and firmer, longer lasting erections. Similar results were found for women who detail an support in desire, stronger orgasms, fewer inhibitions, more feelings of romance, passion, and a quicker arousal time.

The men’s formula contains Avena Sativa, which are green oats, and the woman’s formula adds sabal serrulata, or saw palmetto as it is often called. Avena Sativa is an extract of green oats that has been found to strengthen the libido. Avena Sativa releases bound testosterone so that it is free to stimulate the sex centers of the brain. Testosterone is also necessary for stimulation of the sexual areas of the brain for women, although women typically need more stimulation.

Good about Vigorex

  • Product can be used by both men and women
  • Detailed clinical study information available
  • Can be taken regularly, or as needed
  • Detailed customer testimonials, with descriptions of which symptoms they were aiming to improve, how many pills were taken, and for how long they were taken
  • Contact information listed on website
  • Has been successfully used since 1986
  • Natural ingredients listed on website
  • No side effects have been noted
  • Secure website
  • No colorings, pesticide residues, preservatives within the product

Bad about Vigorex

  • No money back guarantee
  • Challenging shop setup

Vigorex: the bottom line

Vigorex has effectively been used for many years and has the clinical trials to back up all of their claims. At under thirty dollars for a month’s supply, Vigorex is a safe, risk free option to enhance your sex life. What is truly notable about Vigorex is that it is available for both men and woman and that it works to improve many different sexual areas. No matter where you would like to improve your sexual life, Vigorex can do it for you.

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