Vigoril – Does Vigoril Work?

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Cheryl Powers

Vigoril Overview

Homeocare Laboratories produce the male sexual enhancement brand Vigoril, a daily supplement that helps decrease impotence, support the libido and support prostate health. The company website that also sells the product, presents Vigoril on a basic but well-designed page although product information is fairly limited. The site explains the causes of impotence and points out the benefits of using a homeopathic formula such as Vigoril. As with all homeopathic medications, Vigoril is dissolved under the tongue at a dose of 3 tablets per day until results are seen, then reducing the dose to one per day.

There are no FAQ’s available and only one customer testimonial shown. When purchased from the site, Vigoril costs $29.99 for a one month supply. There is no money back guarantee on opened goods, but unused products are returnable for full refund up to 30-days from purchase.

Vigoril Product Details


Ingredient information for Vigoril is very limited and there are no details shown to explain how each works, or the amount contained in the formula. Vigoril contains none of the commonly used sexual dysfunction ingredients such as Yohimbe, Maca or L-Arginine. Instead it is a blend of Avena Sativa, Selenium, Lycopodium, Argentum Nitricum, Turnea and Phosphoricum Acidum. It is likely that combined, these substances help widen and relax the blood vessels so a greater amount of blood can flow to the penile chambers, resulting in a stronger erection.

The formula is completely non-toxic and can be taken in conjunction with other medications.

Good About Vigoril

  • Vigoril produces no adverse side effects
  • The dose can be reduced overtime
  • All ingredients are listed
  • The formula helps several male health concerns
  • The company ordering page is secure

Bad About Vigoril

  • The ingredients are not explained fully
  • No money back guarantee is provided
  • No clinical test results are shown
  • Product information is limited
  • Manufacturer contact details are limited

Vigoril The Bottom Line

While there are some that believe in the power of homeopathic medicine, many professionals dismiss it as being over-hyped and unproven. If indeed Vigoril does work as well as the manufacturer states, the site should include proof in the form of actual clinical trial results. As it is there is only one customer testimonial and because ingredient amounts are not provided, it is also impossible to judge how potent the formula would be.

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  1. Tom Rolfson

    I was not sure that the product like this will work very well, but considering the reputation of the developer, I decided to try it. It’s incredible – everything they said about it was true. I tried a 3 months’ supply and within the first week I noticed a big difference. Now I had thicker, harder and more sensational erections by the end of 12 weeks. Just try it for yourself…