VigRX – Does VigRX Work?

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Cheryl Powers

VigRX Overview

VigRX is a male enhancement product that is primarily designed to improve the power and potency of the erection, while also supporting sexual desire. It is marketed by Leading Edge Health and shown on a very comprehensive, but also confusing, website. Although there are relevant details about the product, plus FAQ’s and customer testimonials, the layout of the site is not user-friendly. Unlike many male enhancement products, VigRX has been clinically tested and full results of the studies are shown on the website. Results included a 62% support in erection maintenance and a 71% support in sexual satisfaction among male testers.

VigRX has to be ordered from the website and the shopping form is secure and shipping is discreet. VigRX is offered at $76.99 for a one month supply, but larger purchases are not only more economical, but also receive several free bonus gifts such as additional supplements and male exercise CD’s. All products have a 67-day money back guarantee.

VigRX Product Details


The main active ingredients are all listed with pictures for the VigRX formula and include many of the usual herbal substances used in this type of supplement. Particularly of note are the additions of Tribulus, a herb that helps support testosterone levels, Hawthorn, to relax and dilate the blood vessels creating a better blood flow, Horny Goat Weed, a traditional aphrodisiac, and the sexual stimulant Saw Palmetto. Bioperine is also added for its ability to help the ingredients absorb into the blood stream (although despite the claim, VigRX is not the only supplement to contain this). VigRX should be used daily with full results expected after approximately 4 months.

Good About VigRX

  • VigRX has been extensively tested
  • Free bonus gifts are included with some orders
  • A 67-money back guarantee is provided
  • The product can be ordered securely online
  • All manufacturer contact information is given
  • Customer testimonials are shown
  • VigRX is doctor approved and endorsed

Bad About VigRX

  • VigRX is expensive
  • No ingredient amounts are shown
  • No dosage instructions are given

VigRX The Bottom Line

VigRX seems to be a reputable product and it is endorsed by Dr. Steven Lamm, a physician who regularly appears on television shows such as The View. It is appreciated that the product has undergone clinical testing, although it would be useful to show the amounts of each ingredient contained in the formula, and if it was generally more affordable.

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  1. Wayne

    I have been using VigRX as instructed and truly speaking I have noticed a huge difference in my performance as the time goes. I just love using this product and will definitely recommend to other as well

  2. Damien

    I have been taking Vigrx for 2 weeks now, I have seen a bit of enhancement when my penis is erect, but still I can’t last for long enough. I wanted to increases my stamina as well as my size, but unfortunately I just got one.

  3. Bob

    Vigrx has taken my energy to another level. With increased stamina & libido, I can perform much better. Apart from that my erections is much stronger than before. The only side-effect I faced was an increase in blood pressure.

  4. Pete

    I used this product because a friend of my suggested me to use. After using this it for few weeks, I start noticing change in my erection. Now my erections are much bigger and I can last for really long. My new girlfriend is very much impressed with my performance.

  5. Karl

    Yeah, vigrx is really super. I am using it and I feel great energy. My erections are rigid and libido is on the edge of blast, feels like teen again.

  6. Andy

    Yeah, horny goat is nice stuff man!! Accustomed beware, it spices it up, however currently I’m more in search for something to help me get it up. Natural vigrx sounds alright, I’ll attempt it sometime.

  7. Hernandez

    I totally agree that this is an Era of natural male enhancement, but I thought some perceptions about these things are still hidden that makes me to search the internet, and then I find this article, it’s like a magical lamp for me, which removes my darkest thought about these products. May this will help you also.

  8. Anonymous

    I ordered Vigrx and after using it I’m getting good results. I tried to find out the ingredients composition but information about ingredients wasn’t available on pack. Quiet weird!! They don’t even mention any dosage details on the pack. Please guide me through this and also tell me how to get the complete information about vigrx or else tell me any alternative for this stuff.

  9. Preston

    My sex drive is too low due to obesity and i am using vigrx for past 2 months. I have noticed a considerable change in my sex drive and i really like it. The results are satisfying and i am looking forward to use it further to enhance my libido.