Virility-XL – Does Virility-XL Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 2.5/5.0Virility-XL – Does Virility-XL Work?
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Cheryl Powers

Virility-XL Overview

Virility-XL is a natural supplement for men designed to help users achieve better erections, have more intense orgasms, and improve stamina to prevent premature ejaculation. It is manufactured by the large natural supplement company Healthy Choice Naturals. While the site states that scientific research and medical studies have confirmed that the ingredients in Virility-XL promote sexual health, this statement would carry more weight if the data was cited. There are four testimonials on the site.

A single bottle of Virility-XL is currently available for $29.00. There is a 90-day money back guarantee.

Virility-XL Product Details


Yohimbe HCL is one of the key ingredients in Virility-XL. In the 1980s, this ingredient was approved by the FDA as an impotence treatment. The product apparently contains the highest concentration of yohimbe HCL currently available on the market. Some of the 14 other ingredients include ginkgo biloba, Tribulus, and damiana leaf. Supplement facts and thorough ingredient descriptions are provided.

Good About Virility-XL

  • Complete supplement facts are given
  • Virility-XL contains eight percent yohimbe HCL
  • Virility-XL has over a dozen ingredients thought to help with male sexual issues
  • The manufacturer produces a wide variety of natural health supplements

Bad About Virility-XL

  • Virility-XL and other products that contain yohimbe HCL are not suitable for those with high blood pressure and other health problems
  • The “scientific studies” mentioned are not referenced directly
  • Full results can take up to 60 days
  • Virility-XL is not designed to permanently support penis size

Virility-XL The Bottom Line

Virility-XL contains yohimbe HCL and 14 other ingredients that are thought to have at least some connection to male sexual performance. The variety of substances in Virility-XL and the high concentration of yohimbe HCL set it apart from supplements promising similar results.

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  1. Marlon

    Undoubtedly there are a number of exceptional and quality ingredients in Virilityxl… yet I’m simply puzzled about how these ingredients can make my penis bigger in size. Till now, this isn’t happening man!!!!:(