Vitroman – Does Vitroman Work?

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Vitroman Overview

Vitroman is a product made by a Singapore-based company who make several men’s sexual health formulas. The official website for their brand is detailed but unfortunately badly translated into English, making it seem unprofessional. They do provide many customer testimonials, plus some details about the company including the contact information.

Customers order the products directly from the site, which provides a secure ordering page. The Vitroman products are available to buy individually or in special package deals, and although larger orders are subject to discount prices, no money back guarantees are offered and all sales are final. Vitroman brands are fairly expensive – the Formula XP Gel is $49.00 and the Powerplus capsules are $42.00. The company recommends that Powerplus capsules are used at a dose of 2 capsules per day until results are achieved and then 1 capsule per day for maintenance.

Vitroman Product Details


The details regarding the ingredients in Vitroman are very limited. It appears that the formulas rely largely on a herbal ingredient called Butea Superba, traditionally used in Asia to treat conditions of erectile dysfunction and low libido. Butea Superba has the ability to support Nitric Oxide production which supports blood flow to the penis, while inhibiting PDE5, a substance that inhibits a strong erection. No other ingredients are listed for the Gel and oral capsules, although the Gel probably contains a moisturizing oil that enables it to be massaged into the skin.

Clinical studies are provided to show the effect Butea Superba has on laboratory rats, but it is not known if Vitroman has been tested on humans.

Good About Vitroman

  • Vitroman is available in a gel formula and oral capsules
  • Customer testimonials are provided
  • Butea Superba produces a stronger blood flow
  • The products do not cause side effects
  • The ordering page is secure
  • Butea Superba was clinically tested

Bad About Vitroman

  • All sales are final
  • The website is confusing
  • Only one ingredient is mentioned
  • Vitroman is expensive

Vitroman The Bottom Line

There is no real reason that a consumer should opt to buy the Vitroman brand of male sexual performance enhancer over any other on the market. The fact that the ingredients are largely unknown is a concern, and unlike many of manufacturers of this type of product, the company does not even offer any guarantees that Vitroman will work.

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