Vivetra – Does Vivetra Work?

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Cheryl Powers

Vivetra Overview

Vivetra is a sexual stimulant for men that is marketed as a natural alternative to Viagra. It is specifically designed to support sexual arousal and stamina. It works by supporting the diameter of blood vessels and supporting blood flow to the penis. There is very little information on the two-page site overall. On the main page Vivetra is compared to Viagra, and the chart suggests the natural product is superior to the synthetic one in several respects. There are three testimonials and a description of how Vivetra works. This explanation might be a little complex for someone without a science background.

There doesn’t appear to be any guarantee for Vivetra. A 30-tablet bottle costs $49.95.

Vivetra Product Details


The three active ingredients in Vivetra are xanthoparmelia scabrosa, cnidium monnier, and eurycoma longifolia jack. The first two promote harder, longer-lasting erections, while the third is believed to be a herbal aphrodisiac. Dosage instructions are not provided, and it’s not clear how long users must wait to experience the effects of Vivetra.

Good About Vivetra

  • Vivetra can support blood flow to the penis
  • There are some testimonials on the site
  • Vivetra has a reasonable price tag
  • Vivetra can be ordered without a Drug

Bad About Vivetra

  • Dosage and usage instructions are not provided
  • A complete ingredient list is not given
  • Vivetra is not backed by a money-back guarantee
  • There are no objective sources used to back up statements on the website

Vivetra The Bottom Line

It’s tempting to believe that an all-natural product might be as good as or even superior to Viagra, but the proof simply isn’t there. With no guarantee and no contact information other than a toll-free number, individuals are definitely taking a chance by purchasing Vivetra.

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