Wodibo – Does Wodibo Work?

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Cheryl Powers

Wodibo Overview

Wodibo is a blend of Chinese herbal extracts designed to support and enhance male sexual function. It is produced in Henan, China, by Aidi Health Food Company Limited and sold online in many countries.

Wodibo Product Details


Wodibo is said to be an all-natural combination of Couch Grass Root, Mulberry, Rhizoma Polygonati, Cinnamomum Cassia, and Fennel. Depending on the online vendor, it costs between $12-$25 for a package of eight capsules. Most of the information on the product comes in the form of poorly translated English, which makes it a little difficult to completely ascertain the exact way in which Wodibo works. Purportedly to be of “high fame and advanced technology,” Wodibo is said to work immediately without any side effects. In addition to curing erectile dysfunction, Wodibo is claimed to support kidney health, strengthen the spleen, aid pulmonary health, fight weakness, ease anxiety and forgetfulness, support energy, and support immune response. Dosage instructions are to take one pill when needed.

However, Wodibo has been banned in Canada and Denmark for containing Sildenafil and Tadalafil, which are Drug medications for erectile dysfunction. The Danish Medicines Agency discovered significant levels of these Drug-only substances in Wodibo. In fact, it had even more than the highest levels found in authorized medicines. Health Canada does not mince words about the dangers of taking Wodibo without the supervision of a doctor. They state that those with heart disease could experience “serious cardiovascular side-effects such as sudden cardiac death, heart attack, chest pain, abnormal heartbeat, hypertension or hypotension, and stroke.” Additionally, those taking any form of nitrate medication could experience dangerously low blood pressure. Strangely, the FDA doesn’t seem to mention anything about Wodibo, even though it has banned other unlicensed products containing Sildenafil.

Good About Wodibo

  • Available from different vendors online

Bad About Wodibo

  • Difficult to determine exact ingredients and the function of ingredients due to poor translation
  • Potentially dangerous amounts of Drug-only medications
  • Potentially dangerous side effects

Wodibo, The Bottom Line

While it is possible that Wodibo does achieve all the great results it claims, it is disturbing that two governmental agencies have banned it from sale or use in their countries. With so many more reputable products on the market, it simply doesn’t make sense to gamble with Wodibo.

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  1. Robert Young

    Earlier i used to get laziness due to less power or stamina in my body and because of this i was not able to fulfill the expectation of my girlfriend which was leading me away from my girlfriend. Then one of my friends told me about wodibo and i thought i should give a try to wodibo. After few days i was i had sex with my same girlfriend and this time she was totally shocked with the amount of erection I was having. Then i told her about the product and Now not only me but also my Girlfriend Loves this product alot.. Thanks!

  2. Andreas Lander

    One capsule a day don’t do anything. Six capsules a day well let’s just say I couldn’t get anything done since I had pussy on my mind all freaking day long, all night, every minute of the day. LOL!!! But 4 capsules a day seems to be just right! Thanks guys!!!