Zytenz – Does Zytenz Work?

Editor Review by : Cheryl Powers : 3.5/5.0Zytenz – Does Zytenz Work?
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Cheryl Powers

Zytenz Overview

Zytenz is described by the manufacturer, Nanotokin, as the ‘secret to a better sex life’. Available only on the internet, the Zytenz information website is basically one page that gives a brief outline of how the product works, plus several customer testimonials and FAQ’s. The tone of the site is over-exaggerated which does detract from the professionalism of the product and while there is a diagram to illustrate the results of Zytenz, overall information is limited.

Zytenz comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, although there is also mention of a ‘lifetime’ guarantee, and can be purchased at a cost of $39.95 per bottle. It can also be purchased in multiple bottles at discounted prices.

Zytenz Product Description


The only facts given regarding the Zytenz formula state that it is a proprietary blend of 12 natural extracts. Because the formula helps support the male erection by supporting blood flow to the penile chambers (the Corpora Cavernosa) it likely contains an amino acid such as L-Arginine, an ingredient often used for this purpose. Additionally, Zytenz helps support stamina and creates powerful orgasms indicating that it uses ingredients such as Muira Puama, Tribulus, Maca root and Horny Goat Weed, an aphrodisiac.

The dosage information for Zytenz is not shown, but it is likely to require daily dosage, having a cumulative effect in the system over time.

Good About Zytenz

  • Zytenz has a money back guarantee
  • It has a 99% success rate
  • The ordering page is secure
  • Discounts are offered on multiple purchases
  • Customer success stories are shown

Bad About Zytenz

  • No ingredients are listed
  • The guarantee is confusing
  • Clinical testing is not published
  • Free samples are not offered
  • Manufacturer information is limited

Zytenz the Bottom Line

It is impossible to judge Zytenz properly when the manufacturer supplies such limited information regarding the formula and even simply from a safety point of view, the consumer should be aware of the contents of the product. While it is appreciated that Zytenz has a good money back guarantee and is relatively affordable, it would not be a recommended brand of male enhancement product.

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  1. Patrick

    I don’t think so that this is same kind of product, which I have been looking for. There is no boost in my energy though I found a bit desire in my own but not perform in that way which I have been expect from this.

  2. Braeden

    One can acquire L-arginine for as low as 8 bucks on the web. What are the 11 different ingredients that should be incredible in zytenz? Goodness they don’t provide with a listing? Well, how am I expected to know whether this is useful for me????? No full record, no buying.

  3. Nikolas

    I began to use it before sex, and truly made a difference. Chose to take it on a daily basis, and truly recognized a contrast. I discontinued consuming it just about 3 and a half months back, but yet going strong guys and could feel the effect!

  4. Liam

    90 days, that’s ample of time. Could be enough opportunity to check whether Zytenz has anything exceptional to it. It sounds guaranteeing, things just not the same once you grow older, require some kinda help.

  5. Edgar

    Would love to feel like an adolescent once more. I am extremely inquisitive about zytenz. Does it provide a cash back thing? Anybody got some results with zytenz?

  6. Rory

    No doubt, I’ve seen a great deal of the herbs detailed in Zytenz, in a portion of the different items I’ve been persuing up on. Might mean these are the ones that might work however!!!! IDK, cost appears ideal for Zytenz.

  7. Callen

    Between what they publicize to offer and everything else, I find there is frequently an enormous hole. Yes Zytenz sounds great, however, I might love to hear it from individuals who really utilized it. I am not seeing a ton of positive input online dependent upon use.

  8. Deegan

    Ingredients in zytenz seem to be fairly standard. Just in case you gotta make use of a different pill as well, that tells me possibly it’s sorta weaker. Gonna go searching.

  9. Daren

    I visited the official site of Zytenz, and after reading the review I want to use this, But I don’t find any free trial or sample. How can I judge the effectiveness of this product? Moreover, no ingredients information is available for this product, and it is expensive too. Please share experience with this product.

  10. Brandon

    I’m in my 40s and already started to feel some sexual disorder that hindrances my love life, but I didn’t like it at all and then I decided to do anything to get my youth back. I started to do physical exercise and also improve my food habits, but as my age increases my body does not allow me to do much physical activities. For this I needed a quick and safe solution. I tried Zytenz and I’m very much happy with this product. It totally changes my life and now again the control is in my hand or just says in my Manhood!!!!

  11. Damon

    I’ve used zytenz and it has worked for me in attaining stronger erection and longer sexual performance but it gives me headache.

  12. Joseph

    I had used herbal remedies in the past but of no success. I tried zytenz and just as the advertisement portrayed, I got results the same day. I am looking forward for much more positive results.

  13. Anthony

    I am 53 yrs. old and I’ve tried Zytenz which have helped me in many ways. I take it on an empty stomach and at least 1 hour prior to action and it had worked great for me with no side effects that I’ve noticed so far or maybe a very mild headache but not every time.