10 Best Yoga Tips to Improve Your Sexual Health

by Nick Swanson

Yoga Tips to Improve Your Sexual Health

Great sex is important for the experiences of the body and the mind. The stretches that are used in yoga help to relieve stress, improve flexibility using certain body postures, increase the cardiac function and increase the flow of blood to the vital organs. These are all important for one to have great sex. There are different parts of the body that are involved in sex and they include the nerves, hormones, brain and the heart. The sexual activity is improved when these parts of the body are well supplied with blood.

The yoga posses are:

Cat & Cow
One begins on knees and hands while shoulders are directly placed over the wrists and the hips are placed directly over the knees. One is encouraged to inhale and then arch back. This should be done while lifting the chest up and away from the belly (cow). The foot is released so that the top is resting on the floor. Exhale and contact the belly gently and this should be done while lowering the back up (cat). This helps to contract the kegel muscles that contract when one is having an orgasm.

This pose starts in a sitting position while elevating the hips slightly. This can be done by placing a blanket on both sides of the seat bones. The knees are bent and the soles of the feet are kept together in a touching position. The heels are kept close to the pelvis and the outer edges of the feet are kept on the floor. The hands are wrapped around the feet or the ankles. Recline the torso forward while ensuring that the spine is in a neutral position.

Wide-Legged Straddle
This pose starts in a sitting position on a mat or on the floor. The feet are flexed and legs are spread as wide as possible. The thigh muscles are stretched as the legs are pressed on the floor. The chest can be drawn downward facing the floor or one can sit straight up. This pose increase the flow of blood to the groin and this helps to increase the sexual arousal that ensures one has received all pleasure during sex.

This pose begins with the individual on the floor. The hips are pushed back and the legs are straightened. The body is left in the form of a bridge while the butt is left in the air. The right foot is brought up to join the outer side of the right wrist. The right knee is bent and the thigh is kept in a parallel position to the floor. One can lower the body gently onto the elbows. This pose increases the flexibility of the pelvis and the hips.

This pose starts by standing on the floor with one leg straight. The other leg is twined around the other one that is on the floor. The legs are squeezed together in a gentle manner and this cause an increased flow of blood to the area when the legs are released. This pose increases the circulation in the cervical area and this increases the sensitivity of the area during a sexual intercourse.

This pose starts when one is kneeling upright with the knees apart. The thighs are rotated inwards while pressing the shin and the tops of the feet on the floor. The hands are rested on the back of the pelvis with the fingers pointing downwards to the floor. The tailbone is lengthened towards the floor while the back of the pelvis is widened. This pose helps to strengthen the muscles of the back, ankles, thighs and the hips.

This pose is started by lying on the back with the hips apart and the knees bent. The feet are kept approximately 6 inches on the front side of the butt. The hips are pushed upwards towards the ceiling. The hands can be left to lie on the sides or the shoulder blades can be squeezed together. The hands are interlaced and kept on the floor while lying directly below the back. This helps to reduce tension and stretch the hip flexors.

This pose starts by lying on the back with the face up. The legs are straightened over the body while the toes are left resting on the floor behind the head. The arms can be left resting against the back or they can be pushed gently on the sides. This pose helps in stretching the back and reducing chances of being injured during a sexual activity. It elevates blood circulation to the brain and this increases stimulation and alertness.

This stretch starts by lying comfortably on the back while separating the arms at an angle of 450. The legs are rested wife apart as much as one is able to approximately 2 feet apart. The feet are allowed to relax and roll open. A mental scan can be done from the head to the toe to check whether one is fully relaxed. This does not require any physical exertion but it requires full concentration and helps one to be present.

The different stretches that are used in yoga help in improving the sexual activity. This is because they allow one to be able to pose different and varied positions that allow deeper penetration. The poses also increase the blood supply to the genital region and this serves to enhance sensitivity.