Top #10 Ways to Get Sexually Satisfied

by Nick Swanson

Having sexual satisfaction is one of the best ways to relate to your partner. Rocking orgasms do happen out of the couple’s effortless sexual compatibility, and it is supposed to get better with time. However, not all people get to experience what is called ‘sexual satisfaction.’ Sex expert Judy Dutton believes that out of ten sexual encounters, 2 of them are fireworks-worthy, 6 are moderately wonderful and 2 are not really worth reminiscing about. If you feel your sex life is going under, here are 10 ways to get sexually satisfied and get the sparks back.


10 Ways to Get Sexually Satisfied

You should exercise regularly if you want to perform excellently in bed. It is a good way to keep the body light and feel more confident. If you have negative body image because you are a few pounds heavier or feel lethargic, you are also blowing your chances for amazing sexual encounters.


Some cultures consider masturbation as a taboo topic. But if you and your partner are open to it, self-stimulation will do more good than harm. Stimulating yourself increases your self-awareness and teaches how you most liked to be touched.

Play Games

You may blindfold your partner or perform some role-playing. This will help the two of you explore your adventurous sides. Playing games will keep you excited about your sexual encounters and anticipate the next one.

Vary Your Positions

Sure, the missionary position has been around since time immemorial. But it does get boring and introducing new positions might bring some spark back to your sexual encounters. Introduce little changes one at a time and observe how your partner reacts to it. If the position fails, then laugh it out, and resume what you were doing and try a new one next time.

Lip service

Just because you’re already thrusting doesn’t mean you’re going to forget kissing. Women like to be kissed because it signals intimacy and passion. Don’t forget your lips and tongue can also be as stimulating and powerful as your penis.

Enlist the Help of Sex Toys

You may also improve sexual experience if you try a variety of things. Sex toys, handcuffs and ropes will come in handy if you want to try something new. It also helps enhance sexual desire and lubrication.

Get Out of the Bedroom

You can also enjoy sex in other places, not just your bedroom. Try the top of a washing machine, while in the shower, bathtub or kitchen table. The change of environment will break the monotonous scene of your bedroom and will make you both feel more adventurous.

Don’t Skip the Foreplay

This is one of the most important tips on the 10 ways to get sexually satisfied. Foreplay will help you feel ready and lubricated for the most important part.

Communicate with Your Partner

You can’t just second-guess what your partner really wants and how she likes it done. Talk about your sexual needs, desires and fantasies, and how you two can compromise for better sexual satisfaction.

Increase Self-Confidence

There is nothing sexier than self-confidence. If you know what you want you are also more confident in doing it right. Exercise to improve your body which will give your self-confidence a boost.


The 10 ways to get sexually satisfied are important stepping stones to jump-start a good sex life and bring back magic to your sexual encounters. By knowing what you want, what your partner wants and how to achieve this, you have more chances of keeping your sex life aglow for a long time.