Top 5 Exercises For Men For Better Sex

by Nick Swanson

Exercises For Men For Better Sex
The sexual function of an individual is highly affected by his general health. This implies that when one has a good health that can be achieved through exercise, the sexual function will also improve. A research that was done in the internal medicine of Annals showed that the men who took part in exercise reported to have better and firmer erections. The research also showed that these men have 30% reduced rate of getting erectile dysfunction.

It is important to switch the routine of exercise after every one month because this helps to avoid plateaus. This helps to increase the muscles in the body, have flexible body therefore reducing the injuries and be fit. Physical exercise should also be done in moderation because when done excessively it will reduce the level of the male hormone, testosterone.

Benefits of Exercise for Sexual Health

  • Physical exercise helps to improve the strength of the muscles and this helps in providing the energy required for sexual activity.
  • Exercise helps to improve the cardiac function and this ensures that all organs in the body are well supplied with blood. This includes the penis that causes one to be able to achieve an erection and maintain it thus improving sexual activity.
  • Exercise helps one to have a positive self-image and this makes them feel more wanted and sexier. This will in turn improve their performance in bed.
  • Exercise helps to improve the composition of the body. This helps one to be able to assume different positions because of flexibility of the body and this improves sexual performance.

Best Exercises Are

Weight Lifting
Weight lifting increase the production of testosterone in the body and this helps to increase the sex drive. It is recommended that one should lift weight that will make them tired by 10th repetition of lifting. This exercise can also be combined with crunches, sit-ups and pushups. This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles that are located in the chest, abs and the shoulders and this will helps to improve the sexual activity. The muscles on the upper body help to increase the stamina because they are used during sexual activity. Therefore, strengthening them will improve the sexual function.

This exercise helps to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles and this helps to improve sexual activity. These muscles help to control the midstream urine flow. Kegel exercises help in strengthening the muscles that are located in the pelvic floor and this will improve sex. These exercises will also help one to be able to control and delay ejaculation. This can be achieved by contracting the pelvic floor muscles before orgasm is reached.

This exercise can be done by stopping the stream of urine when one has gone to the bathroom. This helps one to familiarize himself with pubococcygeus muscles. Afterwards one can continue doing kegel exercise anywhere and anytime by simply squeezing the muscles.

Yoga helps in flexing the body allowing one to be able take creative positions. These positions can be used during a sexual intercourse and they can allow one to have maximum pleasure. Yoga exercises help to improve flexibility in the body; this helps one to be able to draw their energy upwards and inwards. It is recommended to take part in poses that will help to improve the pelvic muscles. This includes peacock pose, shoulder stand and the bow pose.

Fast Walking
A research done in Harvard revealed that aerobic exercise helps to reduce the risk of getting erectile dysfunction. Fast walking will help in burning the calories in the body. Fast walking for approximately two miles will help to burn 200 calories per day. Fast walking helps to improve the cardiac function by improving the flow of blood. When there is improved blood supply to the sexual organs, one is able to have longer and stronger erections. Vigorous exercises like brisk walking and running help in relaxation by the release of endorphins and this help to improve the sexual performance.

Swimming helps to increase endurance in an individual especially when one takes part in long distance swimming. This will helps to increase endurance while performing a sexual activity and this will lead to better sex. One is encouraged to swim for half an hour at least three times per week. Swimming also helps one to lose weight and this will improve sexual performance. The loss of weight will make one attractive and this improves stamina therefore making one perform better sexually.

Exercise is very important in improving the general health of an individual. This will in turn help to improve the sexual functioning. The exercises that can be done to improve sexual activity include kegel exercises, fast walking, swimming, weight lifting and yoga. It is advises to take part in exercise at least three times per week. This will help to improve the general health therefore improving sexual activity of an individual.