5 Mistakes Men Should Avoid in Bedroom

by Nick Swanson

5 Mistakes Men Should Avoid in Bedroom

Having meaningful sex takes two people to be immersed in a moment of pure passion. But sometimes, things can go wrong, especially when you do or say something irrevocably damaging. Doing something wrong, and doing it all over again can ruin your chances of a good sex life which will ultimately affect your relationship with your partner. Here are top 5 bedroom mistakes men make and what you can do to avoid them.

Cutting the chase

5 Mistakes Men Should Avoid in Bedroom

Men who jump right in without foreplay are committing a mortal sin. Women take some time to warm up, but men are good to go after a few minutes of stimulation. What men need to understand regarding these differences is that women need more foreplay. It means a lot to women for men not to cut the chase; instead let them bask in passion of your kisses and caresses. Give in to her needs and when she’s ready, you’re all set and the real action can begin.

Forgetting her erogenous zones

Just as foreplay is important, her erogenous zones demand attention too. Men who focus on satisfying their own needs often forget to cup her breasts or kiss her collar bones and spine. Most women feel more stimulated when the erogenous zones are touched and caressed and this stimulation can take her to a whole new level of passion. Men on the receiving end of her lust can greatly benefit from this.


Making it to the top 5 bedroom mistakes men make is when they don’t observe proper hygiene. It gets more of a turn off when men smell bad or are sweaty a few minutes away from the deed. Make an effort to shower, change your shirt and swipe some deodorant to get her in the mood.

Too Many Positions

Men, in their effort to impress their partners, are often overwhelmed by wanting to do so many things at once. This effort must be reserved only when women already trust their partners and have opened up to them sexually. If the relationship is new, keep it simple. When you are getting to know each other better, open up about your position preferences and you can also talk about what pleases you most and how you can satisfy her better.

Not Cuddling

Probably due to that amazing sexual exploit, you are already drained and don’t even have energy to at least cuddle your partner afterwards. You may even fall asleep. Most women prefer to connect with their partners after a rocking orgasm by whispering sweet nothings, hugging and just plain talking. This will make them feel more secure and they will trust you more in the future.


If you can avoid these top 5 bedroom mistakes men make, you are more certain that you are doing the right thing. Being able to fully satisfy your partner requires you to give her attention before, during and after sex. In return, you will feel fulfillment and have a sense of accomplishment since you were able to give her what she wanted.