5 Things Men Shouldn’t Be Worrying About While Having Sex

by Nick Swanson

Worrying can happen even with the most confident of men. Having a bunch of negative thoughts while having sex often spells disaster. When you have your mind somewhere else, you are less focused on satisfying your partner, your sexual desire is reduced and your over-all performance can be affected. The worst that can happen is when you ejaculate too soon or completely lose your erection.

5 Things Men Should not be Worrying About While Having Sex

Aiming for an unforgettable sexual encounter means you need to focus on the act itself. You must be more in tune with your partner’s needs and stop worrying about other things. When you find yourself in the mood for some bedroom action, here are some things men shouldn’t be worrying about while having sex.

Steer Clear of These Thoughts While Having Sex

  • The mood. While women appreciate the fact that you bothered to light some candles here and there, played some romantic songs, and dimmed the lights, not setting the mood should be the least of your worries. Romantic settings work only when you have planned them in advance, but if you find yourself a few minutes away from a sexual encounter, it really doesn’t matter if there are no rose petals on the bed right?
  • The Lights. Some of us are specific about having the lights on or off. But when you and your partner are already fully stimulated, who cares about the lights? Getting up just to turn off the lights will ruin the moment and you or your partner may lose the desire. You might have to go back to the beginning and won’t be sure if you’ll feel as stimulated as you were before.
  • One of the things men shouldn’t be worrying about while having sex is if they’re on top or not. Some men find it hard to sustain their energy when they’re always on top. They could be suffering from some kind of body pain or feel they are too heavy. Do not worry. Your partner should be able to take over the situation. All you need to do is ask.
  • Stay hard. Men are often worried that they ejaculated too soon and did not satisfy their partner. They also worry if they’ve been hard for so long that their partner is already tired. Strike a balance by communicating with your partner. This will enable you to determine whether you need to hurry up or slow down.


There are still a number of things that men shouldn’t be worrying about while having sex. Some think about getting their partner pregnant, what their friends are doing and what they might be missing or some other random thought. The main trick to get these thoughts out of your mind is to concentrate on what you’re doing. Be a hundred percent in the moment. This will not just help you please your partner but will also help you achieve optimal satisfaction.