Top #6 Most Surprising Benefit Of Sex

by Nick Swanson

Most Surprising Benefit Of Sex

Most people are not aware of the health benefits on engaging in sexual activity. This is the last thing on the mind when someone is having pleasure. It is also good to know that besides sexual pleasure, there are other benefits of sex.

Improved Immunity

Sexual activity helps to boost the immunity and reduce the chances of getting infections in the body. Sex helps to increase the levels of immunoglobulin A, an antibody that helps to protect the body against diseases. The antibody helps to protect the body against bacteria, germs and viruses that are likely to attack when the immunity is lowered. A study was conducted on a group of students that reported to have sex at least once or twice a week. Sample of saliva were taken for analysis in the laboratory and it was found out that they has higher levels of immunoglobulin A that those who had less sex. This shows that having frequent sexual activity will help to reduce getting frequent colds and other infections in the body. It is also important to do other things that will help to improve immunity and this includes balancing of sleep and activity, exercise, getting regular vaccinations and taking a balanced diet.

Heart Health

Some people are worried that sexual activity can cause them to suffer from an attack of stroke. This is not true because sexual activity helps to improve the function of the heart. A research that was done revealed that the men who had sexual activity at least once or twice per week had reduced chance of getting stroke by half. This study was done in comparison to the people who did not have sexual activity and those who had a less frequency of sex for example once a month.

Lower Blood Pressure

Sexual activity is a form of exercise that helps to lower the blood pressure. This is because there is improved function of the heart and this helps to lower the blood pressure. Sexual activity also helps to release the happy hormones and this helps to reduce stress. One of the causes of increased blood pressure is stress and therefore when the mood is elevated, the chances of having hypertension are reduced.

Improved Sleep

Sexual activity helps to increase the level of oxytocin and this helps to improve sleep. When one is able to have good health, they are able to maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress and lowering the blood pressure. Sex is also a part of physical activity that helps the body in relaxation and this helps one to be able to sleep better. Sexual activity also helps in the release of the hormone prolactin and this helps one to be able to relax and sleep.

Boost Your Libido

Sexual activity helps to increase libido and sex drive in the body. This is because it increases the level of male hormone called testosterone that helps to enhance sexual activity. Testosterone is responsible in increasing the sexual drive in a man and this plays a big role in increasing sexual activity. The hormone is also responsible for male characteristics that include the development of the muscles and growth of facial hair. These characteristics help men feel more masculine and this will help to boost their self-esteem as well as their libido. Having sex often will also help to increase blood flow to the sexual organs that include the brain and the penis. This will help to increase libido and make one enjoy more sex with their partner.

Increase Intimacy

Sexual activity helps to increase the level of oxytocin, a love hormone that increases intimacy between couples. A study was done on premenopausal women after warm contact with their husbands. The study checked the level of oxyticin before and after the contact and it revealed that, the levels were high after the warm contact with their husbands. This revealed that the more contact there was, the higher the level of oxytocin in the body. This hormone also helps to increase trust and bond between partners in a relationship. The hormone also increases the need to nurture, bond and become generous. The hormone will make one become more generous to their partner and this will in turn increase intimacy in the relationship.


There are many benefits of sexual activity and most people are not aware of them. It is encouraged to engage in sexual activity at least once or twice a week. This will helps to reduce the risk of getting stroke and other cardiac conditions like high blood pressure. It will also helps in the release of antibodies that protect the body against disease like frequent colds and flu. When one engages in frequent sexual activity, the levels of intimacy are increased and this will make the relationship stronger and healthier. Having more sex will also increase libido and this will make the couple have more pleasure while having sexual intercourse.