6 Sex Moves for Long Term Relationships

Being in a long term relationship is a wonderful thing particularly if you are in the relationship with someone that you love so dearly. Partners in a long term relationships will tell you that it is never an easy thing to keep the spark alive because there are times that the steam just vanishes. This is normal but if not dealt with tactfully it could lead to serious problems in the relationship. So the question is how can couples in long term relationships keep their relationships intact amidst all the challenges that come with long term relationships? There are a number of things that come into play which will ensure that a long term relationship remains intact one of them being sex. So how can sex help you maintain a healthy long term relationship? Scientific research has found out that sex helps to strengthen the bond that unites couple together. Sex helps to keep two people who love each other to become even more intimate with each other. But sex in a long term relationship can become boring if not exercised in a good way. Below are some six sex moves that will help guaranteeing you a great long term relationship;

1. You Should Have Morning Sex At Least Once Or Twice A Week

6 Sex Moves for Long Term Relationships

Scientific research found out that morning sex between couples is good for their love lives. Why not take advantage of the fact that you are just lying next to your partner and initiate sex in the morning at least once or twice in a week. Having sex in the morning is one great way to start of a day and you will find it really appealing to you and your partner too. Having sex with your partner before getting up in the morning and ensuring that you have sexually satisfied your partner will go a long way in strengthening your relationship.

2. Sometimes It Is Better To Welcome Your Partner Home With A Sex-Oriented Surprise

Pull a sexy surprise for your partner at home and you will find out how it will turn out to be really a satisfying sex experience in the long run. Although there are some people who don’t like surprises but when it comes to sex most people will enjoy surprises in sex. You should however not do surprises every often because surprises are best for special occasions.

3. Try a New Sex Position Every Month

Using the same sex position every time you are having sex will work against your relationship in the long run. The reason is that when you and your partner have sex using one sex position all the time then sex will ultimately turn to be boring and you or your partner will not like it anymore. You can check out the Kama Sutra and get to learn about different sex positions that if you practice at least once a month with your partner will go a long way in revitalizing your overall sex life. Both you and your partner will find having sex together fun filled and exciting.

4. Do Sex When Making Up After an Argument With Your Spouse

Having sex after a heated argument with your partner will definitely help you heal what initially caused the argument in the first place. Well as you know it sex brings about an improved intimacy between couples and so by having sex with your partner after an argument you will forget about even having the argument and get to love each other even more.

5. Communicate To Your Partner What You Feel Good About

Research has found out that great sex start with good communication and so it is better communicate to your partner what find interesting and what you dislike. If you partner does not have any clue about what turns you on then why not give him/her direction to what you will both find interesting and satisfying. If you find being cuddled, caressed, kissed, fondled a turn on for you tell your partner about it because your partner may not just have the clue.

6. Practice Foreplay before Sex

Some people need foreplay for them to be able to rise to the occasion. Instead of simply just jumping on to the bed and straight into your partner before you arouse why not do some foreplay first? Majority of people like to be touched in their erogenous body parts before they can desire sex. It is advised that you perform hot foreplay and try to do it longer so that your partner turns on and get wild too. Sex becomes great when both of you have completely get aroused and ready for it as opposed to only one partner ready for it.

What now?

There you have it. Those are just six of many sex moves that you can do to make your relationship long lasting. Whether you want to improve an already good relationship or you want to save a dying relationship with your partner, the 6 sex moves that are listed above work all the time.

It’s just a matter of reminding yourself about these 6 sex moves and you’ll be making your life and your partner’s life better. Good luck to a happier long term relationship.