6 Tricks to Spice up Your Performance in Bed

There are many things you can do in bed that will give your sex life a boost. Although these are not normally done, these are the 6 tricks you should try during sex.

Tricks To Spice Up Your Performance In Bed
  • Bite Her
    It might sound cruel, but actually biting is quite sexy and is among the most thrilling of all the 6 tricks when done the right way. If you are going to do it, be subtle and don’t chew or take out chunks of flesh (unless of course if she’s into that freaky stuff). Avoid biting hard; pinching the skin with your teeth is not what you are after. Don’t be carried away with it. A few timely bites will show your passion.
  • Suck Her Feet
    You may find this a little gross and most people don’t want their feet to be touched or don’t want to touch others’ feet. However, having your foot sucked and licked is one of the most sensual things you can experience. The most sensitive areas of the foot are in between the toes and the curve of the foot. In order for this trick to succeed, you have to have clean feet and trimmed toenails. Otherwise, the one sucking will just feel awful and may even vomit. Also, it is best done when you suck it slowly.
  • Spank Her
    Biting and spanking usually go together. The only difference is that spanking is more pronounced and does actually hurt a bit. However, it has been proven scientifically that the spanking of the buttocks while aroused ruse the body into translating the spank as pleasure and causes a rush of blood to the area. Keep your hand loose and give the meaty area of the butt good smack. You are going for that good slap sound and a good palm-butt interaction. But don’t overdo it otherwise you will get a slap on the face in return.
  • Give Kisses that are barely there
    Another trick that you should not forget to do in bed is to create a slow burn with very light kisses. Start from the top to the bottom from the eyelashes to the corner of the mouth, the jaw and the collarbone. Next, kiss the chest, the nipples, the tummy and down along the treasure trail. People say that you’re building up anticipation as you take it slow and make that seductive crawl.
  • Blow Hot Air
    Regardless of the position you are in, you can totally boost the experience by gently breathing out on each other’s skin. You can already feel the pleasure in your genitals but this action gives soft steamy heat to other sensitive areas such as your neck, your nipples or the inside of your wrist, giving you shivers from head to toe.
  • Roleplaying Games
    A little role-playing could enhance your already amazing sex. A little cop and robber or prisoner and jail guard role playing game will add some spice to your sex life. You can even use sex toys like handcuffs to make it a little more realistic. These are just some tricks you should not forget to do in bed. There are many other games you can consider like sex board games.